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  1. group range combine

    "using "group[10-40]" only gives you group 1, 0 and 4" I have the same problem! - Rasmus
  2. os.system/subprocess.call python errors

    Thanks for helping me out Erik! I have now tried: subprocess.Popen(['/bin/sh', '-c', "gphoto2 --capture-image"]) and as the other methods before, it works fine in the system terminal python shell, the driver loads and the camera takes a picture: <subprocess.Popen object at 0x39f590> >>> Loading camera drivers from '/usr/local/Cellar/li... | \ 0,0% New file is in location /capt0000.jpg on the camera but in the houdini python shell I only get a: <subprocess.Popen object at 0x12fd15190>
  3. Hi I am trying to get a Canon 7D camera to take a picture via a bash shell command from inside houdini using the Python os.system or the newer subprocess.call commands. I am using houdini escape 12.0.581 on OSX 10.6.8 with python 2.6 and gPhoto2/libphoto2 subprocess.call("bash -c \"gphoto2 --capture-image\"", shell=True) or os.system("bash -c \"gphoto2 --capture-image\"") both works fine in the system terminal python shell but in the houdini python shell I get errors. For the os.system I get an error 32512 and for the subprocess.call I get back an error 127? I am a novice in Python so I really hope some of you guys can help me! best regards Rasmus
  4. @ dennis, I don't believe there is nothing wrong with the way Houdini is mapping the depth,maybe the term "poor" was a bit off, I think the problem probably has more to do with the Focal Length, if you compare a tele and a wideangle depth render, the wideangle is much more detailed and the range "seems" greater. @macha, do you mean using volumes for fog effects or for some depth information wizardry ? and what do you mean by "mb"?
  5. Thanks for your input... after fiddling with the shader solution, trying to clamp the values and normalizing it with the fit node, I must admit im not getting the result I hoped for. I have played around in the composition part and believe I have found a way to deal with the problem... - Rasmus
  6. Hi guys Im having trouble getting a good Pz channel render from the camera settings I am using. I am using a 180mm focal length and the camera is situated 100 units away from the model. The resulting rendered Pz channel is very poor, with very little detail in the depth, making it difficult for applying it later in post. Is there a way of telling Mantra that is has to clamp the depth (just as if the camera were much closer)? Thanks in advance! - Rasmus