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  1. video cards??

    GTX 260 Working fine on my system. Houdini Starving Ed.
  2. Simple Cloud Test

    Hi!, I here is a test of vaporous clouds, hope you like it.
  3. Simple Cloud Test

  4. Simple Cloud Test

    Well.. well.. I think you busted me , that effect was made in halo... no ray marching involved in this image. This one is more focused to still imagery, so no ray marching is needed. I used another approach in halo to fake the vol. lightning. But, as its said in The Renderman Companion... "if you can cheat... do it" so I decided to fake the the volumetric lighning crossing the clouds.
  5. Simple Cloud Test

    Hi all! Im very happy with the complaints about my image, I cant show nothing by now cause that makes part of a wip. I hope to inscribe in the next SideFX challenge. Cloudy scene ahead! I hope after that I can post the entire scene for learning purposes. Thanks a lot for your coments, and please excuse me if I take too much time to answer, women and 3D takes too much time in my life. , specially women.
  6. Hi everybody, If you are thinking about using Houdini 7.0.161, take care about a bug in SOPs, concretely in the edit sop. That operator doesnt work well if you translate (move) the original geometry, the network dont propagate the translations, rotation or scale modifications to the edit sop. Or vice versa, the operator doesnt take those kind of translations from the network. If we create a box, aply a polyextrude sop for example, and then an edit sop, where we will do some editing to the geometry... for the time we want to change the position of the original box, the geometry will mess around, due to the edit sop dont apply that translations to the "edited" ones. If someone dont understand my poor english, I will be happy to post some images for further explanation. PS: hi dantea!
  7. Houdini 7.0.161 edit sop bug

    I have to say that edit sop doesnt have any bug, but it has an annoying feature that forces the user to click a button in the parameters of the sop to re-read the transformations in the initial geometric objet. But only in transformations across axis (movement), NOT in transformations around the axis or during the axis (scale). That button is called. "Commit transform/Peak Changes", this basically makes the edit sop, re-read transformations across the axis in upper levels of the network. If someone has a older version of houdini running, like 5.x or earlier versions of 6.x please test this, and let me know. Thanks in advance, and I have to apologize because that not was really a bug. PS: I think how annoying will be going throught all edit sops clicking on Commit transform/Peak Changes button.