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  1. pyro colliison doesnt work

    Hi Arrev,thanks for your tips.i have been looked your file and the smoke moving nice at the begin ,but when the collision object stop or something else force in there,that made hard to control it. I think the smoke will inherit velocity from the collision object(add its own velocity) and spread around.(maybe i was wrong) I will keep trying on it and any advice is useful for me,thanks.
  2. pyro colliison doesnt work

    Hi jayden,thanks for the reply,but when i disable correct collision nothing has changed.i dont know why the smoke doesnt collide with moving object,it looks werid. sorry, i found another "correct collision" in the relationship tab,and when unable it the result had a better motion,but the smoke did not keep up with the collision object.I dont know how to fix that.
  3. pyro colliison doesnt work

    hi, i work on pyro collide with a moving object now,and i found some posts about the pyro collision on odforce,but no matter i use static object with PCG or collision volume with multigrid,pyro just like be "eated" by the moving object ,as a sink field.i try to increase the supstep but it doesnt have a right look . sorry for my bad engligh, here is a file what i want to say,anyone have some tips? pyro_collision.hip
  4. Smokeless flame not rendering correctly

    delete the fuel field and it will render correctly.
  5. Hi guys, I tried to do that on smoke trail sim because sometimes the sim takes a long time,hopes to save some time on the sim. this is the file,and thanks all people here for the endless help . rotate_container.hip
  6. How to add more detail to Billowy Smoke

    Maybe you can take large disturbance on your sim,and it will add more detail.
  7. wall of the water

    sorry my english is not good so I don't know how to represent that clearly. now i'm trying give a different value of friction to the collide object of flip and it looks a little better.I have used noisy grid but the result is not very well,I want to add more detail on it,thanks for the answers.
  8. wall of the water

    Hi everyone, I'm creating a effect something like a flowing water on the wall,any idea is help,thanks.
  9. Waterfall effect

    hi, I want do this effect ,this shot must be Realistic,does someone have idea . I try to use the Avatar Waterfall method , but it is hard to control the light and shadow , then i try emit fog from particle ,but it is hard to control the water shape .can someone give me a good advice,thanks a lot. The reference image in attach Folder. Another thing ,does the houdini pyro can do this like liquid Simulation?
  10. Hi, I am tring to render the edge of polygon with displacement,but the result looks black,and I don't know what's wrong with that,please give some help,thanks. dis.zip
  11. Hi,guys I'm trying to displace the fracture objects,I want to displace only the inside pieces,the edges between outside and inside keep stretch along the outside face,I used point cloud to define where the places influenced by displacement,but now the edges does not displaced along the inside parts,thanks for any help! The second pic is the effect what I want to do in render. local_displacement.zip
  12. About blood fluid FX

    Hi pclaes,that's very useful for me,thanks so much.Now I am hard to custom emit source,I made some little holes but I don't know how to emit them randomly,I did a random velocity in vop but the result looks not good.
  13. About blood fluid FX

    hi,guys,these days i do a shotcut that the knife Stab into body, the blood Emission and flow out along the body skin , the Stabbed body move fast . Does anyone have a good solution ? thanks!!!!
  14. Passes for volumes

    I found a way to create depth pass on odforce forum but I hadn't found the post....It seems to use the deepshadow map to create depth pass,about normal pass I usually render a custom pass that I create three lights with rgb color. Hope can help you~
  15. Hi, I have a ocean plane with the displacement shader using hot tool,I want to deform the plane but the displacement texture can't changed with deformation.I don't use the hot toll with sop because it needs a large subdivide for rendering. How should I do this?please give me some advise, Thanks. there is my file. deform_ocean.hip