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  1. Procedural City

    Procedural City Tool A Digital Asset created using Houdini with Python Key Points of the City Generator tool: * Create procedural terrain / use image based terrain * Paint the road on the terrain and edit at any point / use a road map image * Paint Buildings and Trees using dummy geometries * Year based city generation for variation in the type of buildings, appearance & density. * Replace them with your own/ external geometries * The paint function runs an algorithm which avoids overlapping or intersection of any two buildings amongst themselves or with the road and remembers the order in which the buildings were painted. Feedbacks are always welcome Regards Soham Ramteke My Portfolio : My Website & Other work : http://www.SOHAM.me
  2. Showreel April 2012

    Please watch in HD on Youtube This showreel exhibits some of the work i did while pursuing my MSc in Computer Animation & Visual Effects at the Bournemouth University, NCCA. I mainly used Houdini, Maya, Renderman, OpenGL, C++ and Python to develop the projects. Feedback and Suggestions are most welcome. My Website - www.soham.me Music : Rock Mafia - The Big Bang Many Thanks Soham Ramteke
  3. Procedural Building Generator

    Thanks Glad you liked it.
  4. Procedural Building Generator The tool provides 4 ways of building generation 1. Simple Building Generation - by manipulating controls. 2. L-System / Grammar - based on the Rules and a premise / Grammar given by the user. 3. Merge Models - input up to 5 buildings created by the previous two options and arrange them together to form a complex building. 4. Single click creation of Multiple Buildings in a Hilbert Curve Pattern Please watch in HQ on Youtube Please leave feedback
  5. Save Geometry Button?

    Added a new integer parameter and referenced to it in the button using the above script and it worked.. i hope thats what you had intended to mean... Thanks a lot for the help Guys
  6. Save Geometry Button?

    Thanks a lot guys.. it really helped.. One more question.. How to make it create a new file every time the button is clicked and not overwrite the existing file.. (and not having to change the name manually) Many Thanks
  7. Hi Guys I want to create a button on a DA user interface which saves/exports the geometry as a .bgeo on click. I am guessing this should be possible with the File node in Write mode but coudnt figure it out.. Any help regarding this is appreciated. Many Thanks
  8. Curve on Mountain??

    @ALL wow.. its good to have so many options.. i will try to use each of them and will see which will be most suitable. Thanks a lot guys, i appreciate the help. and thanks for the advice Michele.
  9. Hi Guys, Could anyone help me on how to create a poly curve on an uneven grid (say a mountain or a terrain) and the curve should displace(in Y axis) according to the height of the grid. Many Thanks