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  1. Problem solved! Here's the brute force solution that worked: #1) Navigated to H11's documents folder (C:\Users\me\Documents\houdini11.0) #2) Deleted everything in the folder and re-installed Houdini #3) Raided a frosty bottle of George Killian's Irish Red from my unsuspecting room mate and got back to work. I have no idea how this approach will go over with a well established copy of Houdini (custom paths, installed OTLs, mods and such) but it effectively reset and reverted the app back to a pristine state. malexander - thanks for giving this a shot, didn't get a chance to try your solution out but I'll keep this in mind if this problem pops up again.
  2. Hi All, "Seasoned" New user and new to od[force] and I'm reaching out to everyone smarter than me on this one. v.11.0.775 has operated daily for three weeks without issue. Today, Houdini freezes/crashes upon startup. I have re-installed 11.0.775 completely stock, license checked ok, restarted machine - app still crashes like clockwork so I'm assuming the culprit is some other data stored outside the installed directory that Houdini references upon startup. I have heard of adjusting or clearing out old environment variables but I have no idea how to do that, where that might be OR if that's a solution at all. Prior to this crashing issue, H11 was running bone-stock and factory installed. A small Houdini Console reports: "Fatal error: Segmentation Fault" In the status bar (below timeline), in red, Houdini throws the error: "Error: Beauty composite shader failed to compile. No color corrections will be applied to the beauty pass" No remedy so far: This problem has been posted before but there was no remedy to the issue: HELP strange bug: Houdini won't start because of beauty shader User "titor" had this problem until Houdini miraculously fixed itself without warning upon restart. Beats me. I'd love to know where the external data might be and how to squash this buzzkill as fast as possible. Any wisdom would mean a great deal right now as I'm fresh out of ideas. system specs: Win7 Ultimate 64bit, SP1 installed AsusP5/Q8400 Intel 8GB Ram GeForce GTS 250