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  1. Could you post your result, I'm currently trying to copy color info from vdb to geo and it seems you resolved it?
  2. Random grey scale point color wrangle

    Thanks guys, much appreciated!
  3. Random grey scale point color wrangle

    Thanks, how would I control the values, say I don't want it to go pure black or white?
  4. Silly question, but total wrangle noob here... I want to set random grey scale values on points, not sure if I should be using @id or @ptnum and how the expression would look? TIA
  5. Hi, Silly question, but I'm using "old pops" and I just want to simply emit some particles when a point dies(not using collisions) and then create a small burst around the death event of each point dying. Any help would be appreciated as I'm a total noob with expressions/wrangles etc.