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  1. Q for project

    Hi,Luis ~ I try it like this but not all points work great. Here is my file :ray_test.hip Maybe more Rows and Columns can close to the result
  2. Q for project

    Hi, I have a irregular prim and a grid like this How can i project the grid into the prim ↓ without using boolean node! because the two piece of prim is in different Y position. Anyone can help me ?
  3. Hi, Here is a question about how to remove points like this I don`t need this point on my poly edge, it makes me confuse!
  4. Q for the polyextrude

    Thanks vusta ,I`ll try !
  5. Hi,guys I got a problem with the polyextrude node. There are two piece of grid like this and I don`t know how to extrude this two piece of primitives in different Distance by only use one polyextrude node like this Because, I have lots of primitives in my job and each one of then have different "Distance" to extrude , Here`s my work file:diff_extrude_test_v001.hip In my file I try other way to fix it like:curve node → carve (do animation)→ transfer color attritube to my primitives to polyextrude by Attritube VOP node,and try to get distance between the centriod of primitives to the location but i don`t know how to deal with the distance data in VOP to control the polyextrude node ??? So, any kind of method not only use polyextrude but also other nodes can solve my problem. Thanks for anyones help !!!
  6. Q for the new boolean node

    Thanks Alexey!I know how boolean SOP works and thanks again.
  7. Q for the new boolean node

    Thank you so much Tim,it works great!
  8. Hi, guys I`m confused the new boolean node can not work with 2D geo in some times. Like deal with a grid node and curve node. I creat a grid node modify the Rows and columns 50 by 100 , then get a file node. The file node was a bgeo file which created by curves nod. Use boolean to subtract B-A , but nothing happend. I holp some guys can fix this Thanks for help !!! Boolean_test_v001.hip