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  1. I see that I was thinking too much lol I was trying to do the constraints in sopsolver. Thank You very much! This solved my problem.
  2. Hey sorry for late reply. I was sick af. Thanks for the file. It game me some idea. Will try again.
  3. Hi I was trying to create an effect of cloth pieces sticking to an animated object on contact. However, it seemed to release and re-attach every substep. Sometimes, they "creep" on the collision surface. These are the goals I tried to achieve 1. Dynamically attach to deforming collision on contact 2. Dynamically delete the paper if they fell under y 0. (done, thank to Toadstorm's post 3. Make the attached points static (pin to animation?) if possible, to reduce calculation cost. Here I attached the hip I'm working on. test_vellum.hip
  4. Hi, I was following the doc https://www.sidefx.com/docs/maya/_maya__mesh.html#Maya_Mesh_MultiplePieces_Output. I can make color set name to works when it is a single entry, but I have a problem with the array. The color set data in Maya was correct, but the name reverted back to Cd, Cd2 instead. Is there anything I missed? I'm using Houdini 16.5.473, 10 Maya 2017, and engine 16.5.473 on win 10.
  5. Hi, I tried help card and forum, but seemed like the topic was lightly touched. - In H 14 we have new option, "Use OpenCL", in FLIP solver which, when on, disable preconditioner. - The preconditioner help card said disable for 4 sockets machine. This mean 4 cpus machine. But this card was old, like since H12. I'm running dual xeon with total 24 cores 48 threads. Does this rule still apply to 4 cpus only? - The openCL look like a faster solution than single threaded preconditioner. But it said for large viscous fluid. Now im confused. Is there any rules of thumb for this?
  6. Thanks Pradeep! Luckily my sim still running fine so far. I'm sure this will save my ass when the time come.
  7. Hi I have this alembic file exported from maya, few dozens of boat. They were structured, each under transform group. the path attrib was like "/boat/boat_insta###". The problem was that Alembic created thousands of polysoup, each for every wood planks. I wish I could chance them to one soup per each boat. or Maybe, is there a way to re-instance them? I'm sot sure if the boats are instanced. They look like a huge chunk of polygons instead of instanced geometry. Maybe I can transfer transform data from these maya transform group into point data. Then use Houdini point instance to instance one boat on all points.? If they was normal group and poly I might do it with foreach sop. But Alembic kinda lost me. I have to render a whole city in H. So I want to have then as light as possible. Thanks!
  8. Centos 7 It work right out of the box. Yes it take time to setup some hardware, but most of the time it work. It was rock solid. You could try those super minimal linux, but just my two cent, too minimalists or lite Linux make thing even more complicated. Say you want some package installed or config something. For Centos, there were large support from community, and redhat method also apply to Centos. If you were worried about desktop environment, Centos 7 can take MATE or Cinnamon. I'm working on a dual xeon 24 cores, 48g ram, quadro 6000, and Dell perc raid card. Centos work like jet engine, the OpenGL was phenomenon. I have win 7 on same machine and OpenGL on Centos work like 150% Performance compare to win. The memory management was super efficient. For example, with filled up ram, I quitted Houdini. Centos take like 2 sec to quit Houdini and clear memory. Win take 10+ sec or never clear memory. I would also add that "hrender" command work natively in Linux. No need for Cygwin like windows. Centos 7 never crashed even once (so far) in my project. Cinnamon crash once or twice, but I can restart just cinnamon without killing Houdini or restart Centos. Imagine, in windows, if your desktop crash, you need to restart windows. That mean stoping the simulation. But in Centos, the beast keep running like steel train, never stop calculating.
  9. So I continue on the last successful explicit cache frame or the frame after it? I mean on the dop import I/O.
  10. Thanks, I also relate volume resolution to particle seperation. It's simulating now. I will update when the result come out.
  11. Here, the the hip file im working on lot_1_cg_04_v15.hip
  12. Hi, So, I need to continue simulation after what I left of. I generated last 5 sim files using explicit cache. I was following Alessandro's tutorial. It worked on test, but not in real sim. Also I tried setting last working sim file as initial cache, failed too. What is the proper way, fool proof method of doing this? This is what I did 1. explicit cache last 5 frame named explicitcache.$SF.sim. Say, I got 100-105 2. delete last sim file (105). 3. reopen houdini. open scene 4. Reset Simulation on AutoDopNetwork 5. left start frame as 1 on AutoDopNetwork 6. set dop import rop to 100, hit render or set dop import rop tp 105, hit render or set cop import top to 106, hit render all failed. It cook for a while on frame 106 then swoosh to last frame in few second. The bgeo file came out 500kb instead of 3GB, as it should. I've been using H for a year and never get this thing right .
  13. poppy

    Pyro explosion RND

    Hi, I like your latest image. For controlling emitter, you could either keyframe (or $F==) on activation or source volume scale. For upres, I'm no expert, but H13's pyro was so powerful that you could go straight for hires. Or if you rly want to upres, you could use GasUpres node or shelf tool Up-res. And for SLR, I use Raytrace, I believe it faster than PBR for volume imho.
  14. Hi! I'm working on a shot of beach with waves. I'm using velocity from ocean eval to drive flip tank, with beach geometry for collision. The thing is, my tanks was 50 x 20 houdini unit (50 m beach), but the wave behave and look like a zoom in 5x2 meter scale. There was neither many detail nor as much breaking waves. I tried to play with ocean spectrum, getting the ocean eval to look right, but my flip still not. Any suggestion? Could it be volume resolution in Ocean Eval? Thanks
  15. First, I have to say that the model look awesome. And I have no idea how to help you lol.
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