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  1. Baking grass to plane

    Hi, I'm looking for a method to bake foliage like gras patches onto a plane. I know how to approach this within Maya but I haven't been able to do so in Houdini. Ive also looked at the game dev baking node but without succes for baking geometry onto a plane. What are my others options, could someone please elaborate or point me into a direction. Thanks in advance.
  2. importing Cops images

    guess its a limitation then. I've got apprentice. thanks Atom. I couldn't find anything on this limitation before. Problem solved then
  3. importing Cops images

    well coming back at it. it didnt work both ways. i'm still stuck on creating a .rat file for masking first, then typing ../../img/img1/Dirt_mask in the texture fieldname. houdini is able to find the node but the houdini console says its unable to load the texture.
  4. importing Cops images

    so apparently if you would drop down a copnet node into the obj level is does not find the cops inside.(my approach) creating cops into img level does. Jasons approach. Thanks!
  5. importing Cops images

    Thanks. I've tried to refer it like this but it didn't work. Will check tomorrow what wrong with my approach. Thanks Jason!
  6. importing Cops images

    Hi, I've created some masks from heightfields and got them ready edited in a Cops network. I could render export, and import the mask. But im looking for away to directly use the result from the Cop network into a texture file, for use of an layer mix. Hope its clear what I mean. Thanks in advance!
  7. reading string attribute value

    whoops. yeah spelling.. anyways, the group parameters works! Thanks Joe!
  8. reading string attribute value

    nope thats not working. got you a file here of my approach delete by string.hipnc
  9. hi, Im trying to delete several prims with an attribute called colour, and gave this attribute the randy string name called "red", "green" or "blue". Now i want them to delete by these names. I could do this by integer but having several other attributes with numbers confuses me instead of text. How to read these string attributes. I've this and tried this I'd remember it was something with the `` or "" or '' but forgot how to. Hope someone knows thanks! marco
  10. reading prim attribute overall primitives

    so much faster!.. thanks!
  11. Hi, im using the prim expression to find a value from a primitive. but all primitives have different values and i want to polyextrude them accordingly. I cant use prim(surface_node, @PR, attrib_name, attrib_index). do I need to use this in a for each? or is there a faster less heavy method?
  12. Audio channel to controll motion from MotionFX.

    Ah thanks Ikoon. I was afraid I couldn't just pick a frequency for just the drums and voice. Thanks for detailed explanation. I noticed that MOPs actually uses the COPS nods and such. Just installed it, did a small tutorial about it. MOPS seems to give a better overview on the controls from CHOP. So this might work Probably will dive into sonicvisualiser later Thanks again Ikoon t
  13. working with audio

    @jsunandmax Have you found a solution on how to split the music?
  14. Audio channel to controll motion from MotionFX.

    Hello, Is there a way to get the specific frequencies out of a given music file. like, piano sounds, drums and voice? Or would you say that if you want to those values, lets say drums only, you'll have to have these sounds separately. thanks
  15. Hi Odforce, I've got this funky track that has a curve as path for this rubber-thingy. Im trying to get it to follow the path along its normals. But its not working along at obj level. Probably its something very basic. Hope someone can help me out. Thanks in advance, Marco Track Parent allong curve.hipnc