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  1. box stacking no interpenetration

    Hi Thomas, This is created with a foreach, a curve and a ramp for thickness control. the goal now is to fix the interpenetration from the boxes. I've tried to re-create and edit your simulation to get something like this but I feel like im missing some understanding on vex or how the sopsolver works. Hope you can point me in the right direction on how to approach this. Thanks in advance marco scatterbox_03.hipnc
  2. box stacking no interpenetration

    wow thanks! wouldn't have thought of frame by frame stacking. Also not how to do that much in VEX. Thanks. This give me something new to play with
  3. box stacking no interpenetration

    Hi Toad, the point attribute expression works perfectly. However, getting the boxes not to fall (to much) with the use of "drag forces" is without success for me. Additionally, i cannot find the "sleeping"(probably a force too) thing you mentioned. Cheers! gift tower.hipnc
  4. hi, Im looking for a way to stack boxes like this! they should be like delivery packages at the moment i've got this so boxes should stack like a tower and have different heights, width, and depth. In the end they should come together in a point. Right now i've used a cirlce and a scatter and copied the boxes onto that. that causes interpenetration and i've solved that with the uv layout texture. This comes with somes other issues but lets leave it at that. stacking them now is transforming another set of boxes on top of it. Hope someone can help me out. I've got a file attached on how i've approached this thingy so far Cheers! box stacking packing.hipnc
  5. uv snapshot

    thanks again!
  6. texture reload

    hi! pressing clear all or either other buttons does not reload my texture. Any ideas? also i cant find texcache in the help dropdown. I did found the H script textport. But I assume i need a command for this
  7. uv snapshot

    Im also wondering why I find so little about a reload texture button.
  8. uv snapshot

    Hi odforce, In maya there is an option to create an uvsnapshot of your uv. Is there an equivalent easy option like this? cheers!
  9. attribute selection in switch node, or wrangle

    aah just what i needed thanks Luca
  10. hi odforce, how comes `if(@materialnr=1,1,0)` does not work in a switch. I have 2 incoming nodes with an attribute named materialnr. I want to use switch to assign the right material on the right value. lets say material 1 and material 2 also, is this also possible in a pointwrangle? Cheers
  11. Ulgh should have read this right on the first attempt. sorry guys. and thanks all
  12. hi, I checked if something was incorrect on those 2 you mentioned. But is still doesn't find the constraint. pointwrangle5 is running over points. also is has the same name I dont see the glue guide in my viewport and the constraintnetwork says its missing the constraint_name.
  13. Hi, I'm following a destruction tutorial on a building. When following it through the glue constraint relationship doesn't find the given name. I've double checked spelling on s@constraint_name and given constraint name. Hope someone is able to help. see attached file. Thanks in advance BuildingTest.hipnc
  14. ah nice will try this!