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  1. hi, Im looking for a way to stack boxes like this! they should be like delivery packages at the moment i've got this so boxes should stack like a tower and have different heights, width, and depth. In the end they should come together in a point. Right now i've used a cirlce and a scatter and copied the boxes onto that. that causes interpenetration and i've solved that with the uv layout texture. This comes with somes other issues but lets leave it at that. stacking them now is transforming another set of boxes on top of it. Hope someone can help me out. I've got a file attached on how i've approached this thingy so far Cheers! box stacking packing.hipnc
  2. Hi, Im creating a façade of a building, the lower part of the building can have indents. on these indents another model needs to be placed. Also on the corner, a corner model needs to be placed. to specify the placement I simply use points with a copysop. These points vary from position on the Z-axis to randomize the indents and corners. I have made an example for just a representation of how it could look. The method used can be ignored. I have tried to solve this issues by creating a pointVOP and setting the distance by using a constant. This didn't work. I have no idea what I'm doing . Another approach to solve it is to detect if a point has a neighbour by selecting it with a box. Again. I have no idea what i'm doing. I hope I'm clear enough. I hope someone can help me thanks in advance Model detection.hipnc
  3. Particle workflow popnet

    Yeah i figured. But the duplications are not entirely the same and most of them are needed for the uv's on different incoming splines. What would be best to fix this? Edit: Also noticed that my file is a bit weird as it was created in houdini 17.5. Houdini 18 made geometry quite weird
  4. Particle workflow popnet

    Hi, So I was fiddeling with the popnet and finally got a nice stream of particles, but it doesnt render. It's in the viewport. But it does not render. What I have are several lines that are used for creating geometry. all these lines are in one geoSOP. I want to use the a single line as a source for popnets for my particles. Also for all other lines. So I created a subnet for this so it can be copied and paste. So everything in in one geosop. Now for some reason the particles only show up in my viewport, but the particles does not show up as spherers in the render. Therefore I made a little test and created an empty geosop on obj level with a popnet. This time the render does show the particles as spheres. So, what exactly is the right workflow for particle effects, so that I can render them. And what is wrong with my first approach. Hope you can help out. Thanks in advance, M
  5. Particle workflow popnet

    Hi, Im a bit shy posting my entire file but here it goes. At the moment im trying to create a door with a lot of carve. the idea is that the carve is used for growth with particles. Sorry for the large file Ornamental Portal12.hipnc
  6. Hi, I'm wonder how you guys create your materials/shaders within houdini. Normally for models I would use Substance to create textures but for some effect i don't know how create materials and all. Does someone has good reference or tutorials to create such within houdini, and not with redshift? Thanks!
  7. Geometry copy to particle points

    uuuh I guess, I still do use H17. My copytopoints (old_school) was indeed H17. So I guess the other one did became an merge? Since its an issue I will update the project.
  8. Hi, So I've got a bunch of particles that die after 1 second. On these points I have geometry copied on it. The first second the geometry stays and the animation looks fine. But right after some particles start dying and are removed. The geometry jumps to other points and cause the animation to look weird and flickering. My guess is that if a geo is copied on pointnumber 1, and this point is deleted. Another point becomes number one and therefore the geometry jumps to that point. Both have a different id attribute. So I'd rather want the geometry being copied by @ID instead of the pointnumber. So that when that point dies the geometry is removed too. How can I do this? I've added an example file. Particle Copy example.hipnc Thanks in advance M Particle Copy example.hipnc
  9. Geometry copy to particle points

    after some googling i found the reaping option in the "pop solver", under update. Also noticed that the Post_reap wrangle needs to be attached after the copy stamp old school. What was the reason why it was attached to the merge node?
  10. Geometry copy to particle points

    Thanks for the fast response, So the left one is the stamp_old_skewl. Which works, probably because you have disabled the reaping within the popnet. (can't find where it located). And if I activate the Post-reap wrangle. the points are not copied on it. Or how exactly is this wrangle connected to another node? the wrangle only removes all the points which have dead==1 What am i missing?
  11. Particle workflow popnet

    So after searching some more on the issue. I found that I deleted some attributes at the end of the subnet. Thought it would be cleaner. But apparently it made them suuuuuuuuper small. The question about the workflow is still standing though. How do you guys build your workflow of particles
  12. fit expression

    so im trying to create a normalized slider from 0 to 1. Where i want the 0 to be -8.66 and 1 the 8.66. If I move the slider normalized dist, the resulting value does not change. What am i missing here
  13. Hi, I was wondering what pipeline is used for freelancers who are working for studios. How the created effect or asset is implemented in into Unity or Unreal. The Houdini engine is beneficial for the creator but can it still be used by the studio after the freelancer has been gone? Or how do should I see this working? Does the freelancer create an HDA for the studio. Whereas, the studio loads the HDA with the houdini engine, and is the created tool always available or will it encounter some license issues. Thanks in advance, M
  14. thanks black and dav, So how would it work for VFX in your experience? Having indeed some trouble finding some jobs. How do you get your requests? could yo recommand some websites? or is it all LinkedIn? Cheers!
  15. Getting Creative with Vex and Python

    Hi, So i've started the journey to get into coding for short while now. And everytime I follow along a tutorial I am able to play around with new functions or parts of code I just learned. I'm able to alter the code but what I'm failing at is to write something else that is based on what i've learned. I can also read some of snipets others write but getting there myself is the issue. Which annoys me and im struggling with this a lot. I think im having trouble visualizing along the coding. Not sure if thats the point. So im looking for a way to get a better understanding on how to creatively use VEX and python. So code in general. Hopefully Im making my self clear and hopefully someone knows how to point me in the right direction. Many thanks in advance, M
  16. Getting Creative with Vex and Python

    haha ABC Thanks Kiryha. I'm off hunting more tutorials then!
  17. Carve curve on controlled PT

    Wauw! That works like a charm. Many thanks!
  18. Hi, Im looking for a way to carve a curve on a given starting point. In example 1 it starts at the centre of the fused curve. But I wish to find a way to start the carve where the sphere is positioned. These curves are combined l-systems curves. Also attached a houdini file example 1 example 2 example 3 Hope someone knows. Thanks in advance, M Carve curve on controlled PT.hipnc
  19. Carve curve on controlled PT

    Hi Liberian and Aizatulin, Thanks for the several approaches, I've tried to apply them all but could not do it. The linked resources will defiantly come in handy when I have need to apply them, as i could not find a way to use these in creating a controlled starting point for Carve. So nesting L-systems are handy as well the way around for creating variables within the Carve SOP. I did not get how the moving points along the line will help as you can also use shift points within the sort SOP. Also the video is super detailed and close to what I try to archieve but my understanding of VEX is not sufficient enough of understand all those functions. So I guess I need to break it down and see what those all do. The other approach is what i want to achieve but reversed. And I just realised the pictures are actually what you've created. Sorry. I can read the vex in control wrangle but im coming short in visualizing why it works. I've been fiddeling with the VEX and altering the - to + and the other way around. Also switching input parameters from first U to second U but without success.
  20. Hi odforce, Im looking for a way to automate parameter linking with newly created parameters from a master node. At the moment I have created a single node with parameters which contains a folder type parameter. you can manually adjust how much new subfolders are created, this amount should be connected to a for each or some kind that copies the assets. New parameters from that new copied asset should now be connected to the ones created with the master node within the folder type parameters. I have no clue if this is the right approach so hopefully someone can help me with this. A picture and file example are attached. Thanks in advance. Automated linked parameters.hipnc
  21. Hi, I saw in some tutorial large text and a his network view. Like a sticky node or network box. But i can't find anything on how do create a text box like that. Does anyone know? Screenshot below Cheers m
  22. Create rotation control for polywire

    Thanks for the explanation and fix it helped
  23. Create rotation control for polywire

    Just what I needed. I do have trouble understanding what you done in the AttribSop. As far as I do understand you need to alter the upvector on everypoint. Could you elaborate on how it works? if you have the time.
  24. box stacking no interpenetration

    Hi Thomas, This is created with a foreach, a curve and a ramp for thickness control. the goal now is to fix the interpenetration from the boxes. I've tried to re-create and edit your simulation to get something like this but I feel like im missing some understanding on vex or how the sopsolver works. Hope you can point me in the right direction on how to approach this. Thanks in advance marco scatterbox_03.hipnc