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  1. Mawi ... yes! For some reason , My old scene started working. So I have no idea what was preventing it when I was testing it earlier. Either way, I found that when i took the two way switch out, it stopped working. So that was definitely needed in this case. However a colleague of mine is using it within a different shader and its works fine without the two way switch. He just has it as a branch of the shader that doesnt continue beyond on the pcwrite , So it must be circumstantial. Either way, thank you for your help! Beau
  2. Hi Mawi, I've tried a ton of a different variations but I haven't had any luck. I can get it to write out a point cloud when rendering polygon data fine, but i can't seem to get it working with the pyro shader. I've seen it work before with a cloud setup, but I can't work out what's going wrong in my scene. I've attached an example setup, really basic... I've tried to implement your two way switch trick. Is there any chance you could provide an example or have a look at mine? Cheers, Beau
  3. Hey , I've been trying to use the pcwrite node inside a pyro shader to output a point cloud that will hopefully contain the shading values at render time. Ultimately Im hoping to use this point cloud to bake out a volume light and either use the point cloud or a volume created from it to shade my final renders. Ive got a scene ive tried to get the pcwrite to work with, but ive had no luck.. I've only seen it working with polygon geometry and not yet in a volume. Ive tried combing the forums but haven't had any luck. Any information or guidance would be great. Cheers!
  4. Gas Sand Forces Microsolver

    Hey Nick, I'm aware of the solver used on John Carter and the stackable nature of sand ....I'm more interested in the micro solver in question and I'm also curious about how micro solvers like this should be implemented? I've got a setup which meets the needs of the shot, but I'm curious for my own knowledge about this. I think you could be right about it being legacy though... Thanks for the reply!
  5. Gas Sand Forces Microsolver

    Hey Guys, I've recently had to investigate simulating sand. I've manage to find a work around by combining a few different techniques which seem to work for the shot, however i came across the Gas Sand Forces Micro solver and would love to know how to implement it. I don't know if the micro solver will do what i want, I'm doubtful that it will. Either way i would love to know: A ) What it was designed/used for ? B ) How it can be implemented ? I'm hopeful that it plays well with the Flip Solver, although I have a feeling that its something left over from the old "sand" solver, that the the new Flip solver is based off and it being legacy... Any insight would be great! Cheers!