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  1. Books Are Waiting

    there are books for math and physics for free, check those links: http://books.google.com/books?q=+subject:%...r=3&rview=1 http://books.google.com/books?q=+subject:%...r=3&rview=1 and also here: http://www.ulib.org/ cheers
  2. how they tested it? made some underground 3D production? I mean all those test are fakes, make for money man heh
  3. New forum skin

    looks very cool, these fluid stuff in the background fit well to odforce logo, me like it
  4. Gpu Gems

    check it out people: http://developer.nvidia.com/object/gpu_gems_home.html Nvidia gives it for free
  5. Gpu Gems

    Heya, Nvidia updated Gems with few chapters: http://developer.nvidia.com/object/gpu_pro...ming_guide.html http://news.developer.nvidia.com/2009/01/g...now-online.html

    take care Houdniks in 2009
  7. Fire Dynamics Masterclass now Online

    oohhh SESI You did it again thnx
  8. VFX breakdowns

    hey people, I found it on another site but if You haven't seen it before check it out, some cool breakdowns videos: http://www.vfxbreakdown.org/
  9. sadness

    are You sure ... Voltar? not Zohan?
  10. Masterclass: Rendering with Mantra

    ehehe thanks SESI
  11. sadness

    maybe he should watch something like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUZl6T1BoRQ
  12. Kumpa, this is little OT, but did You tried to run H under new Ubuntu 8.10? I plan to jump up from 7.10 to 8.10 but I'm not sure if everything will go fine?
  13. Happiness Factory

    hey everyone, look what I found: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjwuT6aHXH4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ji2rN7qHEzY cool stuff
  14. Happiness Factory

    there is a site I found factory: http://www.aicpshow.com/ cool site, You can find there winnings ads in animation and visual fx category from different years
  15. Maelstrom

    man! it's beautiful, You can add some cloth stuff for ship
  16. Grinch and CHOPs

    hi people, does anyone have some more detailed(explained) infos about how DD used CHOPs in Grinch? I'm interested in how they used CHOPs, what techniques? etc, etc thanks
  17. check it out people: http://www.tgdaily.com/2006/07/31/mercury_...elerator_board/
  18. Yeah Cell.... Yeah Again

    and finally: http://vfxworld.com/?atype=news&id=243...p;code=91367ff7
  19. I Am Legend breakdown

    These two are from AWN TV. As I remember H was used for few FX in this show. http://www.awntv.com/videos/i-am-legend-hi...ght-breakdowns/ http://www.awntv.com/videos/i-am-legend-al...ng-breakdown-1/
  20. dynamics

    hey people, I've found this site quite interesting: http://www.tsnstudios.com/Default.aspx From what I've seen all that stuff can be simulated in DOPs.
  21. hi people, check it out: http://www.sunfishstudio.com/index.htm too bad no gallery just some mumble jumble stuff, but we must wait I think
  22. Learning stuff

    Hey everyone, found some for ya: http://www.scratchapixel.com/tutorials/home/home.php great resource to learn many CG stuff, very well explained fundamentals, how stuff works
  23. image 3D volume procedural

    hi people, check attached hip, the rendered volume cloud looks strange 1.I use usual way to create volume: - generate particles - copy metaballs on it - then feed it to '3d texture generator' as 'meta/particle geometry' next I wanna test it so: 1. apply material to generated before metaballs and use 'billowy smoke shader' 2. attach 'image 3D volume procedural' on object level in 'render' tab --> 'geometry' , with rendered .i3d file anyone knows why the final result looks so strange? cloud_test_2.hipnc
  24. image 3D volume procedural

    nevermind, solved info: one should choose 'raw point geometry' instead metaballs
  25. Final year houdini projects

    Beautiful work and lighting, everything is great. Congratulations!