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  1. so I can think of it as just density value. I was confused because we can store any type of data into each voxel. So I thought I need to specify the data type. Thanks for your answer
  2. Hi, I'm a little confused by the usage of volumemin and volumemax functions. The help file says they return minimum and maximum values of volume. But aren't we supposed to specify any data type like density or something? I don't understand what kind of values I'm gonna get from those functions. Thanks so much, Sewang
  3. Thanks so much Ilan, I tried that out and the swapping didn't happen anymore. Still, I see the swapping with a specific attribute value, for example "rand($PT*23.5)". But thanks again. Your suggestion can be the perfect solution.
  4. Hi guys, When I check "apply to points" parm on in the ForEach Sop with "Each Attribute Value" chosen, I see some points swap their point numbers to each other. Of course this doesn't happen if I write point attribute value as "$PT" in the AttributeCreate Sop. But even when I change the attribute value to "rand($PT*324)", the order of point numbers don't seem to follow the attribute values. Just wonder why the swapping occurs when I use the "apply to points" parameter. Thanks in advance, hope see some threads Sewang
  5. Attribute Mapping - Varmap?

    I think it should work properly without having to do anything else. You can use both variables, $TEST and $TEST2, in other nodes, like a GROUP SOP, when you use expressions. But still, I don't know why the varmap detail attribute shows only one of them. Anybody knows?
  6. Hello guys, I have a simple question about hscript command. Do you guys know any command that copy any existing take so that I have all the inherited settings for the new take? I know I can do this in take list by ctrl c and v but I want to automate in my scripts. I'd appreciate any help, Sewang
  7. billowysmoke shader

    Thanks goshone. I think your answer is exactly what I am looking for. I'll mess around with it again and see how it goes. thanks
  8. became houdini lover

  9. Hello everybody, I have a question about a weird behavior of my smoke movement. As the smoke moves nicely, it suddenly jumps to another shape. You'll see the issue in the fourth one of six images that I've attached. When I turn "Do Noise" toggle off in the billowsmoke shader, I don't see the issue but I do want to have the noise since it looks more natural for me. I'd very appreciate any comments or help. Sewang Kim