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  1. pasting OP for realistic head modelling

    Thank you for the comments. I use the workflow with poly/subds most often and I noticed that it is the same in Houdini as in the other packages. In this case there is little use of Houdini's proceduralism. Correct me if I'm wrong (I remember this topic discussed in general Houdini forum). I would just like to make use of the Houdini's flexibility in such kind of tasks as human modelling. Well, I think I should try NURBS when I get some free time.
  2. I wonder if anybody uses NURBS for complex organic modelling? I came across Paste SOP and it seems to me rather interesting and promising at least on simple surfaces I tried when experimenting. I wonder if anybody used it for creating head for instance? How are these pasted surfaces textured?
  3. Viewport background images

    Sorry for the stupid post - problem is fixed eazily.
  4. How to set up reference images in viewports in Houdini? I tried to do this in display settings, but it shows images in all views. I need different images for front and side views and I dont want to see them in perpective view. How can I do this? Thank you.
  5. shaders for Underwater Scene

    Thank you very much.
  6. Recently I've run across an interesting tutorial on http://www.digitalpostproduction.com/Htm/F...HoudiniVex1.htm . It requires some VEX operators, but unfortunately, the link that points on them is broken. I wonder if anybody has this stuff? Thank you.
  7. Houdini vs. Maya

    In maya I mainly use subdives or polygon proxy. So, a lot of vertices/polys editing, moving, deleting, adding etc. is done. I can hardly imaging how it can be done by mere procedures. Is it possible for me to have a look at such models? I'm very curious about this. That is what I need to decide for myself. 4 nodes.. I like this. But how the result looks like? Thank you.
  8. Houdini vs. Maya

    Yes, I know this. But then what the difference from modelling in maya? Using Edit instead of Transform (say,for moving vertices), makes network not so complex, but at the same time the advantage of proceduralism is partially lost. I tried this technique - very nice one. First of all I'm looking for an efficient way of modelling a realistic human head/body. Recentley I modelled a woman's head and then I was required to do changes to her face to get a set of women heads with different characteristics. That was quite a mess changing an already built model trying to make three different heads from one. So I'd like to see if Houdini could make my life eazier? Thank you for your answers. I appreciate this much.
  9. Houdini vs. Maya

    Hi, Actually I use Maya for my work. I do character modelling, texturing, rendering and never animation and no fx. Maya is a great tool and I'm satisfied with it. But I also look for more efficient solutions in the workflow. Recentley I learned about Houdini and tried a simple tutorial. I like the Houdini procedural structure and it reminds me working in Maya's hypershade but in more wide aspect. I also got some questions: - In tutorial I was doing very simple geometry. Does the procedural nature of Houdini as effective for complex organic surfaces? - Does it have subdivision surfaces or something like that? - How fast is the workflow comparing to Maya? - Does it have any equivalent of paintfx, fur? How do they model hairs, fur or plants in Houdini? - I heard Houdini is more for programmers, than for artist. I'm an artist and I appreciate a beautiful picture as a result (not a nice script;) Sorry for a long question list, but I have to decide should I spend time on testing Houdini or not? Thank you. PS Sorry for my possibly bad English.