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  1. alt link for hip how can i extend the existence of the last frame of a cached sequence? see attached HIP sorry for this question. i vaguely remember that this is done with a timeshift sop, but cannot workout how to do it. timeshift frame 30 to frame 31 and beyond. anim_demo.zip
  2. any links to further explain the vdb lod sop would be greatly appreciated. documentation is... sparse...
  3. within image viewer or mplay, regarding the 'inspect' function, i cannot find a display for the tags on the dialog. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/ref/views/imgview.html#inspect-individual-pixel-values the data is described on this link, but which values are which? Val Raw HSL Pix uv
  4. was a solution found for this thread? am in a similar situation atm.
  5. a massive effort. very generous. thank you for the work.
  6. i produced this lesson for cmi. we cannot wait to offer it to you all. imho it is a masterclass grade course.
  7. val cripps did this exact lesson for fxphd a few years back. maybe they will sell you access... in this case it was a dragon flying near a ground plane. poofs of dust simmed where the wing tips touched the ground.
  8. moondeer

    Sand/Dirt sim

    the above sand sim reminds me of disney's work on snow simulations: http://www.cgmeetup.net/home/making-of-disneys-frozen-snow-simulation/
  9. here is the claw... also, i heard that a university was using houdini to control UAV quad copter flight... can't find the link though.
  10. having a look at the reelsmart motion blur requirements today. seems the output from the above shader are not what RSMB wants. http://help.revision...1/#/tutorial-88 houdini outputs with no motion at 0. rsmb requires no motion to be a value of 0.5 next, this shader can result in any value, but rsmb values must rest between -1 0 1 so, all values in a rsmb motion vector pass must be normalized from -1 0 1 finally, resultant must mapped -max to max from 0 to 1 anyone know how to adjust the network to accommodate rsmb motionVectors pass output? lastly, in the attached jpg, there is a problem in the value output for vertical versus horizontal. given same motion, those values should be equal regardless of direction. rsmb_h12.zip
  11. you can also see and hear twan work at cmiVFX: http://cmivfx.com/store/569-houdini+procedural+uv+editing
  12. have a look at peter quint's vimeo channel and at the sidefx first steps lessons with ari danesh. those two sets are very good and free. between those two sets, i cannot imagine you would need to pay for intro skill level stuff.
  13. after evening of testing i have nothing but praise for your work here. the results are just beautiful. the help on every setting makes the initial learning curve fairly flat. anyone that will try this shader, be sure to see the help card and follow the directions for the .vex install. brilliant work dany. LOVE this shader.
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