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  1. Thanks that seems to work.
  2. Hi, I have a grid of packed prims where I create hard constraints between them. This works well. But now I want to create hard constrains on the outer pieces to be fixed in space using hard constraints. I did this too, where one point of these hard constraints refer to the piece, while other's name attribute is set to "". In DOPs, I see that the constraint links for these pieces start at the correct place but the other end is at the origin. How can I fix this? Thanks a lot
  3. Hi, I am scattering points in a volume but I am always getting this kind of non-uniform distribution. What's the best way to get uniform distribution? I set the density to 1 using a volume wrangle but then I still have to have enough resolution to accurately fill in the volume using points, or it leaks some points over the borders. Is there a better way to do this in Houdini? Thanks
  4. Hi, I mean existing parameters. I want to order them the way I want. I did this but it complains exportlist parameter already exists: node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() # Add code to modify contents of geo. # Use drop down menu to select examples. a = hou.node("../attribwrangle2") grp = a.parmTemplateGroup() b = grp.find("exportlist") c = grp.find("folder1") grp.insertAfter(c, b) a.setParmTemplateGroup(grp) Thanks
  5. Hi, I don't know if it's appropriate to post it here but I wanted to get some opinions from people working in the same industry. It seems very interesting and there are a lot of opportunities to take advantage considering people who can master Houdini are above the average IQ level to take up this and start having some success. I am still new in this but it's interesting to see how it spread even in the office quite rapidly
  6. Hi, Basically I have some packed prims that have a glue constraint network. I use min impulse activation and set everything active=0. How can I add a static object (packed or not) that's travelling using an Initial State/Velocity that will collide with these objects and awake them? If I use initial state velocity and set this object to active, it works but my ball is also pushed back by the collision which I don't want. If I set my ball to inactive, then initial state doesn't work. If I hand animate my ball and use Deforming option, the object doesn't awake my pieces. So that leaves me to remove min impulse activation, then it works with the last option. I just want my packed prims inactive with a constraint network only to be awaken by a collision of a static object, packed prims ideally using min impulse activation and my ball using initial state velocity. Is this possible to do without compromising other parts of my sim? Thanks
  7. I saw a tutorial by Rohan which uses Point SOP to post displace the extruded points but I am looking for a way to directly use a point attribute to drive my poly extrude. Is it possible or is poly extrude only limited to prim attributes when it comes to using attributes to override parameters? Thanks
  8. Hi, So I made an rbd sim where I had only 200 unique pieces. Then I made an rbd sim using 100s of each of these pieces. I cached the simmed points. After this, I want to place my unique pieces onto these points. What's the best and most optimal way to do this for the viewport and the renderer? I have seen many different techniques, I can't tell which one is the best. Should I just use Instance SOP? Should I save the first frame of the sim and use this instead? I can transform them using Transform Pieces SOP, but I don't know how to bring them optimally. Should the pieces be brought it as packed geometry, packed fragments, packed disk geo, or something else? I want Houdini to know everything is coming from these 200 unique pieces so it can show them more efficiently in the viewport and the renderer. I noticed if I save my pieces onto separate files as packed fragments, Houdini is saving the entire packed geometry onto each file that takes a lot of space. How do you do this? Thanks
  9. Hi, When I use it with persp camera, it works. But when I use it with an ortho camera, the coordinate values move weirdly when I am changing near/far plane values for the function. One point goes much further/back than others. Is this not supposed to work in ortho views? Thanks
  10. Hi, Basically there are some overlaps between the collision object nodes where could be configured to act like the other. For instance RBD Object can be configured to act like a Static Object. Is it slower to use RBD Object as a Static Object? It doesn't seem to be. When you have a large scale destruction, like a building destruction, I imagine people are using RBD Packed Objects. But the few things that will collide with the building, do you also use packed objects for them or just plain RBD Object? In each of these object types, it seems like it creates 2 collision geometry, one for bullet, one with volumes. I don't see a way to disable the creation of these collision geometry. Are the volume ones used by solvers like FLIP, Pyro? These solvers do not support geometric collisions? It would be really awesome if we had a solver x collider matrix showing all types of collisions against all types of solver wrt supporting them. Thanks
  11. How do you guys sim detailed pieces you model using boolean, and other methods? Do you sim as concave or do you run convex hull decomp?
  12. Vega 64 vs 1080ti?

    What about this? https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2016/7/26/12285568/amd-radeon-pro-ssg-graphics-card-ssd Can this be used to finally be able to do very large sims on the GPU without running out of memory? Or is it gonna be like swapping to disk?
  13. Vega 64 vs 1080ti?

    That would be most amazing Marty, thanks in advance
  14. Vega 64 vs 1080ti?

    Which GFX card is preferrable for max performance inside Houdini, whether it's pyro, smoke, flip or just pure opencl processing? I read 1080ti has much higher clock speed but also read their tech is very different so not sure what to think. Thanks
  15. Hi, I have a dynamic container (empty object) in DOPs with 2 geometry streams/objects. I want to access these objects inside my container for example to get the number of points. I tried these but didn't work: npoints("../second") npoints("second") Using this works: npoints("obj0/second") but now I have to figure out the current object name as my HDA could be attached to any dynamic object/container. I tried these but also no luck: npoints("$OBJNAME/second") Any ideas on how to make this work or perhaps I don't need the object name? Thanks in advance geowrangle.hip