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  1. Hi, Is there a way to do this using the sparse pyro, or is this not necessary anymore in 18.5? Thanks!
  2. Any reason to wait for the next gen Threadripper? Will they have more cores and/or base GHz?
  3. Hi, I just want to do it for experimentation. What's the best way to break up the edges of a pyro sim post sim with or without rest fields, and avoid swimming noise? If I have dual rest fields, do you combine them using a Mix node where the connections are rest, rest2 fields and rest2_ratio as the bias? Because there is also rest_ratio attribute. After this, do you displace the density volume using velocity field, gradient of the density or gradient of the SDF converted from density? Also negate the direction? I read here some people advising to use gradient or velocity to the position of the noise for example. Lastly which noise is more suitable for this task? Thanks a lot
  4. Your work is great. Is there any planning to make them loopable, i.e. your last gifs, how do you make sure they are seamlessly looping? From composition to animation you must think about it? How do you pick your topics/subjects? They are amazing to look at.
  5. I was talking about this to a friend of mine and he raised some valid points about being able to put shots in your reel that you didn't create the setup for, nor the shot itself but you helped it in some way, i.e. tech fixes. He was arguing that similar to a how an FX Lead can put ANY shots in his reel and just put "Lead" on the description of the shot, artists can also show shots that they helped in some way. For example: 1. If the creator of a setup was struggling to figure out a problem, and you figured it out for him, you may show any shots that uses this setup as "tech fix". 2. If you creator of a setup or a shot used a tool you made to create the final effect, where he didn't have the knowledge, time or means to create it himself, you may show the shot in question or any shots that uses this setup as "tool". Is this an acceptable practice? Or is it frowned upon in the industry? I have seen a few reels that not only did this but also put these sort of shots at the beginning of their reels rather than the very end as you might. I am not looking to do this, but would love to hear opinions about this topic from other VFX artists. Thanks
  6. Budget is around 3-4k ideally. But from what I can tell 128GB RAM would cost me a fortune? I don't want to use cloud services for simulations at least. Rendering I can wait long time, but sims I want to have quiet high res so 64GB is bare minimum for me, because that's what we have at work.
  7. Thanks a lot. Can I use DDR3 with threadripper. 128GB RAM costs a fortune.
  8. Hi, I want to build a new PC after a really long time. I am gonna do a lot of research, but for now I have a few things roughly in my mind. For CPU, I am thinking 16 core AMD Threadripper. Is 2950X the newer version of 1950X so I should be getting that? For RAM, I want 128 GB. For HDDs, I have a ton but for fast HDDs, I want the best possible price/performance setup. Should I get a couple of NVMe, or M2 or PCI-E SSD, or octane? I don't know which one is the best. I don't mind doing raid0 of any of these to improve performance. Probably 2 to 3 device max. For graphics card, should I wait for RTX? I feel like they will cost too much. I would like a lot of memory for the card, but if my best bet is to get an older titan or 1080ti, then it's ok. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi, I have a grid of packed prims where I create hard constraints between them. This works well. But now I want to create hard constrains on the outer pieces to be fixed in space using hard constraints. I did this too, where one point of these hard constraints refer to the piece, while other's name attribute is set to "". In DOPs, I see that the constraint links for these pieces start at the correct place but the other end is at the origin. How can I fix this? Thanks a lot
  10. Hi, I am scattering points in a volume but I am always getting this kind of non-uniform distribution. What's the best way to get uniform distribution? I set the density to 1 using a volume wrangle but then I still have to have enough resolution to accurately fill in the volume using points, or it leaks some points over the borders. Is there a better way to do this in Houdini? Thanks
  11. Hi, I mean existing parameters. I want to order them the way I want. I did this but it complains exportlist parameter already exists: node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() # Add code to modify contents of geo. # Use drop down menu to select examples. a = hou.node("../attribwrangle2") grp = a.parmTemplateGroup() b = grp.find("exportlist") c = grp.find("folder1") grp.insertAfter(c, b) a.setParmTemplateGroup(grp) Thanks
  12. Hi, I don't know if it's appropriate to post it here but I wanted to get some opinions from people working in the same industry. It seems very interesting and there are a lot of opportunities to take advantage considering people who can master Houdini are above the average IQ level to take up this and start having some success. I am still new in this but it's interesting to see how it spread even in the office quite rapidly
  13. Hi, Basically I have some packed prims that have a glue constraint network. I use min impulse activation and set everything active=0. How can I add a static object (packed or not) that's travelling using an Initial State/Velocity that will collide with these objects and awake them? If I use initial state velocity and set this object to active, it works but my ball is also pushed back by the collision which I don't want. If I set my ball to inactive, then initial state doesn't work. If I hand animate my ball and use Deforming option, the object doesn't awake my pieces. So that leaves me to remove min impulse activation, then it works with the last option. I just want my packed prims inactive with a constraint network only to be awaken by a collision of a static object, packed prims ideally using min impulse activation and my ball using initial state velocity. Is this possible to do without compromising other parts of my sim? Thanks
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