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  1. Recreating X-Particle's Constraints in POPs

    I just skimmed that video, but this sorta thing? vellum_stringy.hip
  2. Howdy!

    Ah nostalgia, you know what they say; it ain't what it used to be.
  3. Nice one! Rig vops take a bit of getting used to. It has 2 modes, standard all-things-in-parallel mode like existing wrangles/vops, but also a more selective mode which is closer to the network editor in maya or xpresso in c4d. It has its own tool state and way of working, but lets you be very specific about this joint affects that joint, or that chain of joints. Only started scratching the surface myself, bit of info here: https://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniKinefx#Floating_parent_constraint And Brundlethwaite on youtube is doing a good job of exploring this new vops context: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyyag6ACaTjcZrdHzfl-q4g/videos
  4. Hmm, thats deeper than I've played. Maybe you're getting into vop rig constraints for that kind of thing?
  5. Hmm, works for me. You're setting it as an int attribute right, not a float? kinefx_scalemode.hip
  6. Paper falling and curlying

    Quick go, just vellum hair and playing with pins. vellum_string_thing.hip
  7. how to create voronoi morph

    Yeah the differing count from the two voronoi fractures is a pain. In my setup I cheat, if a chunk from one word can’t find a match in the other word, it just looks up a point by closest distance instead.
  8. how to create voronoi morph

    I had a go. I'm positive there's an easy way to do this in mops, but I'm a masochist and enjoyed the challenge of doing this from scratch. Definitely look into mops if you want to do more of these kind of things! The vex looks a bit scary, but its mainly a few ramps controlling when and how the chunks get moved: get a horizontal ramp from the bounding box run it through a few channel ramps, each ramp controls a different part of the effect; eg a ramp that tells the noise to start at 0, go to 1, then back to 0, while another ramp determines when the pieces morph from word A to word B, while others control scale add time to the ramped values, clamp it, so that it slides through the words modify the transform of each chunk. make chunks from word A start with a scale of 1, then scale to 0, while word B does the opposite word A chunks start with no rotation, then gradually start to rotate while they scale down, word B does the opposite finally blend (lerp) the positions from word A to word B, adding some animated noise in the middle bit as they move. The cross-fading of scales hides the transition between word A and word B. voronoi_morph_v03.hip
  9. Custom Raytracer in COPs

    Funny to stumble across this thread a year later, after I'd been struggling to implement it all day. Worse, to realise I had given it a heart already back when it was first posted, so I'd seen it and forgotten about it!
  10. smoke has a hairy look

    That's overcranked disturbance. You could try keyframing it down over the first 30 frames.
  11. Learning VEX via Animated Gifs - Bees & Bombs

    Cool stuff @WLVL!
  12. hyperbolic tiling

    You're in luck! https://qiita.com/jhorikawa_err/items/24785f6255ccf19296b3
  13. Mystique Transformation - Geo Morph by texture

    Yep, you can see I'm creating an attribute with a wrangle and ramp like the stroika video you linked, but you could use an attribute-from-map to make that attribute from an image sequence.
  14. Mystique Transformation - Geo Morph by texture

    Here's one of no doubt many ways to do that effect. blendshape_from_ramp.hipnc
  15. RBD follow animation softly (Soft constraints)

    Sounds crazy! I was lucky enough to visit Filmakademie several years ago, maybe I'll come collect those beers in person...