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  1. I got some very useful extra info on this, I wrote it up and expanded the hip: https://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/HoudiniVellum#Animated_crumple
  2. Yeah strange, this almost seems like a bug to me. The other method I assumed would work is a vellum rest blend limited to only the bend constraints, but that also just sits there and refuses to do anything. I kindasorta got something working with a pop wrangle updating restlength directly, but it's way more fiddly than I'd expect. Took some notes from Junichiro's tutorial on curve folding, few other things, but there must be an easier method than this. vellum_paper_crumple_through_grad.hip
  3. You can do this sorta stuff with fbik and constraints: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/86702/#post-374592
  4. Could also simply be a viewport bug. Houdini's viewport is notoriously buggy with packed prims, especially with colours. Sometimes it'll display, sometimes it wont. You can try appending an unpack to see if the colour is there, if so you can swear, log a bug with sidefx, know thats how you do it from now on. It should render properly with mantra/karma, and can be made to work with mild effort with other renderers.
  5. Click the little XYZ button at the end of the 'element size' parameter, it splits the single scale control into 3.
  6. Please upload a hip, easier to help that way.
  7. I've not used the secondary motion stuff much, but my understanding is that its more for applying the motion of one joint to another joint, eg neck rotation to floppy years, or spine rotation to a belly jiggle. What you've got here is more about lagging/overshooting all the angle values on all the joints, so I think you need to go to chops for this. Attached an example setup, its fun to play with. kinefx_overshoot_curve_me.hiplc
  8. You're up in the object context. See in the lower right panel, it says 'objects' in its top right corner, while the video says 'geometry'? Double click on grid1 to dive inside that node, so that you can do geometry operations. The video has also made the tree view visible. On the left hand side of the interface, left of the magnet icons, is a tiny dotted region with super small triangles above and below it. Click on one of the triangles to reveal the tree view that is stowed there.
  9. The houdini equivalent would be to write a lens shader. Paul wrote a nice tutorial about how he used this to create the imposter lens shader: https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/lens-shaders-for-gamedev/
  10. Yeah, needs some adjusting, but it works. rbd_animated_force.hip
  11. Avoided the chops question, but sorta emulated the vibe with an attribute noise and some remapping of values. extrude_animate_noise.hip
  12. Or lops? I wager its all a bit bleeding edge, so you'd wanna test a lot before pushing into production, but this is all the kinda stuff lops is meant to be good at. lops_crowd_lights.hip
  13. Has that link been moved? I get an error when I click that url.
  14. R.click on the blendtransforms node in vops, vex/vop options -> view vex code. Scan through until you see an include line, there's this: #include <kinefx.h> Drop that into your wrangle, you should have blendtransforms() available. If you go find that file on disk (it'll be buried in $HFS somewhere), you can see all the functions defined in that include.
  15. I've put in a support ticket for this, I found the same issue. In the meantime this trick of using a duplicate lop and a set variant with @prim works. Not 100% procedural (when I tried to drive the duplicate lop via expressions it got fiddly), but not bad. https://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniLops#Instancing_and_variants
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