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  1. Rigging a book

    ohh, does anyone still have this file kicking around? the link seems to be broken...

    What about a video game challenge using Houdini Engine with Unity? Is anybody here up for something like that? 12++
  3. Houdini 14 Wishlist

    @Orr: I agree. I wonder if you could be more specific though. also, why stop at non-runtime? everyone knows deep down that houdini is the ultimate game engine. One thing i would like to see is some realtime interaction between 2D and 3D viewports. I wish I could paint on a bitmap with a wacom or touchscreen (or an android tablet, somehow maybe??) and then see the result shown in realtime in the 3D viewport as well.
  4. Houdini Engine demonstrations

    heya Twaan! I was wondering, how do you get the Instance objects to not intersect with each other? 12++
  5. Oh, this is cool! I am definitely looking forward to this! :-) 12++
  6. Mortal Combat - Scorpion

    yes, nice work! from what I've seen so far, Houdini is good for pretty much anything! I think the main reason there are so few people using Houdini for Character Design/animation is a lack of good training materials out there... wanna make a "how to make sub-zero in Houdini" training video for us? =) 12++
  7. Procedural Environment system UDK

    gahh, i hope sidefx releases some apprenticeHD or other low-cost integration with Unity... (like in your siggraph video) that would be SO GREAT!! 12++
  8. Houdini games pipeline Siggraph talk

    YEESSS!!! I first heard of houdini about a year ago, and I totally imagined doing exactly this with it! Awesome work! 12++
  9. make a game in 48 hours

    hi, so, i'm trying to do this game thing, and I want to use DOPs to be able to push little gates (maybe with a hinge or pivot of some sort) around to direct the flow of particles to the heart object. I have a metaball which I want to serve as the player character. I'm controlling it using the joystick chop. Can anybody point me in the right direction on this. I have a subscription to CMIVFX but i don't see a video in particular that pertains to DOPs. It's pretty hard for me to learn from the help files... Here is my hipfile. if anybody has a chance to look at it, let me know something. thanks. alone_v1.2.hipnc
  10. make a game in 48 hours

    also, in case ya'll don't know. there is a joystick CHOP that can be proto-installed. (it only works for 32bit windows, though).
  11. make a game in 48 hours

    this is not an effects challenge per se, but this seemed like the appropriate forum anyway A 48 hour game making competition called ludumdare just started a few moments ago. http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ I've been making a game for class at SMC for the past couple of weeks in houdini. (mostly as per hiptricks vol 4) Anyway, I thought it might be fun to try the same techniques in 48 hours to make another game for this competition. I thought it would be even MORE fun if some other people were doing the competition in houdini, too! So what do you say? The theme is "Alone" ~Maitland
  12. I wish to extend the functionality of the space shooter game. I'm having trouble with implementing a scoring mechanism. What would be a good way to do this? thanks.
  13. od, sideFX ...?

    ok, so i'm really curious about the name of this wikiforum thingy. Are we trying to say that if you "od" you get more "sideFX"?