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  1. Bullet Timescale

    Hey Folks, So i seem to be running into an issue of scaling time with bullet. When i use the scale time parameter on the dopnet it gives some weird results. At normal speed it works fine in terms of behaviour its just too fast for a slow mo shot. I could do it post sim using timeblend and time warping the bullet points but this wont give me accurate collisions with moving characters in the scene. I could attempt to retime the collision character and run the sim at normal speed then time warp it back to the normal speed i guess, but this would be much easier if Timescale worked. Any suggestions for making the timescale work live. Cheers Saqib
  2. detail string append

    Hey Guys, Need some help figuring something out. I have a bunch of points with an id attribute on them. I would like to create a single detail string attribute which is made of all the ids. So i'm left with a detail attribute like: 0 1 2 3 4 Python is probably the best option. I attempted a Vex approach to no avail. Any ideas
  3. adding multiple nodes to selected

    Hi, Is there a way to drop one type of node underneath selected nodes. So if i have a bunch of object merges coming in and i want to add the name operator between the object merges and the next connected node, how could i do that. I assume through a script of some sort using hou.selectedNodes and hou.nodetype but i'm not able to put it all together. Help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Retain Lattice Shape

    p.s. i'm using 12.5 cos of prod lock down
  5. Retain Lattice Shape

    Hi all, I'm doing some deformation work using a lattice. I have a animation which moves up and down. When it hits the ground the lattice deformer box is deformed using a volume gradient/ sample setup. What i would like to do is to keep the deformation whilst adhering to the animation. So on the first drop it deforms and holds its shape but continues to transform up. Then on the second impact it hits the ground and deformes more. I tried cloth and wires but the target constraints havent held up well with the animation Thanks
  6. HBatch

    It works with a capital V. Didnt work with it earlier but now it does. -V 2 (V has come too)
  7. HBatch

    Hey Y'all, When i render a rop in Linux in the terminal, i can't get any progress information. I've tried -v 2 and 4 with no avail. This is what i do. 1) Navigate to my hip file folder 2) hbatch file.hip (to establish the env) 3) Navigate to my rop 4) render -v 2 rop_geometry1 Although this will render the rop and i know of its completion as the my current directory position becomes available again. I would like to see progress info (verbosity or whatever its called) without having to go to the firectory to see which files have currently been generated. Best Saqib P.S using 12.5
  8. Extended Information in Textport

    Thanks Graham works like a charm. by using the -v after opinfo u get the verbose or entire list. The only issue i have with the exteded information box is that its a floating window and i like to use a setup similar to the Technical desktop.
  9. Hi All, I have a bunch of cached volumes running through a for each. When i middle mouse over it i can't see the whole list, naturally because it would take more of the screen. I am aware i can open the extended information box and go to the volume resolution section to see the list. Is there a way to see this information in the text port or in the python shell. My thinking was if i navigate in the textport to the foreach i could do something from there. Any ideas Thanks Saqib
  10. Okay i've been at this for ages now. My Python skills are average maybe slightly below but in my efforts to improve i'm hitting a road block. I dont know why but i cant get the setAttribValue to work. The scene is i have about 50 points coming into my Python Geometry operator and all i'm doing is creating a new point attribute called myattr. After that i just wanna set is to something other than its default value using setAttribValue, but it doesnt matter what combination i use whether to refer to the attribute directly with quotation marks or reference it with a variable it doesnt seem to bloody work. geo = hou.pwd().geometry() fart = (1,2,1) geo.addAttrib(hou.attribType.Point, "myAttr", fart) geo.addAttrib(hou.attribType.Point, "author", 0) geo.setAttribValue("author", 5) [/CODE] Why does this not go on to set the author values to 5. Its all in the last line as without it the attributes are being generated to the points. My scene is 50 scattered points coming in thats it. I tried to do it per point with a for loop but that wasnt working either. Can someone help or give me a better example of using it and maybe using it to points in a for loop, before it drives me loopy. Doesnt help that my help browser is completly black too. Thanks Side Effects for the online Docs
  11. Pramod LJ - VFX Artist - Showreel

    That was cool. Nice work
  12. Showreel 11_2012

    Hi Folks, Just updated my reel since my time at SideFX is coming to an end and am looking for work as an FX Artist/ TD. Breakdown to follow but here's the link. https://vimeo.com/53809110 Software used is Houdini, Maya, Nuke and more. Best Saqib
  13. Particles from geo level

    Hi All, I'm quite new to houdini and am trying to get more into DOPs and POPs. Basically i have a ship which i have made up of points using the scatter sop. I have a selection growing on it which after 100 frames covers all the points colouring them red. I have put an add node to add a particle system and would like to apply gravity to it. When i create a dop network connected to the add i'm not sure which node to use to bring those particles into the dop. As the color is updating with time i want the gravity to be applied to the particles once they turn red. Which op can i use to bring the particles into the DOP after which i can add gravity or should i be using a POP in which case which op do i use for that. Thanks Any recommendations for where i can learn about POPs and DOPs would be much appreciated too. Thanks Saqib
  14. Win 64 hou 11.1.118 compile

    Thanks Buddy!! Epic for the speedy response. Can always rely on the houdini community.