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  1. Crowd agent transition issue

    Hey that did it! Thank you! That one was driving me crazy. I had tried cranking up the substeps on the crowd solver and bullet solver but not in the dop. Thanks again for helping me out! -Kjell
  2. Crowd agent transition issue

    Thanks Atom, Unfortunately that did not work. It's strange because it looks like it works for a frame and then reverts back to it's previous position all while keeping it's current state. -Kjell
  3. Crowd agent transition issue

    Hi Atom, First thank you for your reply. I know you know quite a bit about crowds! Weird, I have the units set to frames on the crowd triggers and they seem to be accurate as long as an agent isn't transitioning. Just double checked my attached file using Houdini 16.5. I find that no matter what trigger i'm using, the second trigger will not activate until the first triggers transition is complete. I attached the same scene but using seconds and a second transition duration as 0 and have the same issue. The agents should run at 1 second (frame 24) and then stop at 1.1 seconds. The real reason I'm doing this is because I find that I can't cause an agent to ragdoll using RBD impact while it's transitioning. Attached is the scene in seconds and a scene with the RBD example. Thanks again for your reply! Collision_RBD.hip Transition_in_seconds.hip
  4. Crowd agent transition issue

    Hello, I have a question about agent transitions. Right now it seems that agents will not accept a triggered activation if they are currently in a transition state. In my example attached the agents start running at frame 5 and should stop running any frame after 15. They won't stop until after transition 1 is complete. Is there a way to interrupt a transitions state blend to transition to another state without setting state transition duration to 0? -Kjell Transition.hip
  5. Hello all! It seems that an agent will not be affected by an rbd collision object while the agent is in transition. Is there a way around this without making transitions happen instantly? I am attaching a scene based off of the ragdoll example. Thanks! -Kjell Collision_RBD.hip
  6. Stopping pop fluids movments

    Hello I'm wondering how to stop pop fluids from moving after the sim has collided with an object. I have tried grouping, drag, killing its velocity and force, stop on collision, enabled auto sleep. It seems that it will not stop the pop fluid node from updating the point positions even if it taken out of the pop fluid group. It's driving me quite insane. Any pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks in advanced! Attached is a simple scene that has pop fluids. pop_fluid.hipnc
  7. Mass by density of flip fluid?

    Is it possible to make the thicker areas of a flip fluid be affected by gravity or stick scale? So the more dense it is the more it would get pulled down by its own weight Heavier_Density.hipnc
  8. Houdini Particle morph WIP

    How did you camera project onto particles without the texture swimming?
  9. Camera Project onto particles

    I have a particle sim in a bgeo cache that needs to be rendered with a camera projection. I have already figured out how to project the image onto the particles but they will swim through the image. The particles have UV's already but they still swim through the image.
  10. Combining geo RBD glue object

    Hi there, I'm having trouble on a DOP and SOP level. I have a helicopter taken from Maya via FBX. No matter how I export it the geo always separates. It is contained in one file. I went through the process of pre fracturing and then putting it into DOPS using RBD glue objects. It works great but the pieces of geo that make up the blade fall apart as well as the fractures. I don't want this, is there a way to delete the group that allows these pieces to be sperate? When I bring in the geo and then view it with an exploded view it looks like this. I want it to be one single piece. Is this possible?
  11. This is exactly what I'm looking for! I recreated this and It works great but constraining it to a helicopter chassis causes issues. Whats the best way to parent or constrain the blades to the body?
  12. Simple attempt to get animation and DOPs to work

    Is this possible with pre-fractured geo?
  13. Pyro on moving/and or deforming object

    Brilliant! Works perfectly! Thank you!
  14. Does anyone know how to use a moving/and or deforming object as a source that is able to inherit velocity from said geometry. Right now I'm using Houdini 11.0.658 and I'm using the shelf "Flames" pyro tool. Inside of my "source apply" node the "Use Object Transform tik box is on" and my obj and sop path are being used I tried to dive into the source apply node at the top of the tree is static_object1. I am unable to edit this node to turn on "Use Deforming Geometry" within the static object node. Is there a work around this or a way i can edit this? It works fine with objects created in Houdini but I am using a FBX from Maya. I have also tried making a new cache inside of Houdini so the Maya cache/animation chops are no longer being used.