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  1. How do I make this ? (video)

    Thanx for the dop example too! I am so happy to learn the both way! d
  2. How do I make this ? (video)

    Hahaha you are funny. Thank you so much for your SOP POP love!!! I will look how you did this!
  3. How do I make this sticky particles that fall off by the velocity (acceleration) ? I have tried making this, but mine's not even close to the result... Can anyone tell me the direction for how to approach this or example file please? sticky_particle.hip
  4. I have successfully installed the ocean tool kit in my ubuntu, but can't do it on my window. I have downloaded the houdini ocean 12 source from here. http://schnellhammer.net/blog/2012/03/hot12/ In Ubuntu, I could just type on the terminal <where I downloaded the source>./compile.sh then it did everything, but I am not sure how to compile this on window. Could anyone tell me how to install this? or post compiled ocean SOP and VEX for houdini 12.1.33 version please.. Thank you for your help.
  5. Hello, I installed ocean tool kit, but somehow I only have SOP, but no VOP(VEX). I tried uninstalling and installing it again, but I am still not getting the VEX/VOP node. There was an example file here and when I opened it, I could see and used the Ocean VOP... but it was built in non-commercial, so I can't use it... Is there anyone who has VEX/VOP Ocean and would post .hip file in it please??? Thank you very much...
  6. how do I make beautiful crown shape splash?

    Thank you! I will try lowering the particle separation.
  7. I want to create a dolphin jumping into the water that makes this water splash(right image). I've been testing.. and I can't get the motion right. Can't get the thin layer of the water, and the height. Mine tends to be teared apart a lot... Any advice please? Thank you so much... question1.hip
  8. Reel 2012 (Lighting/FX Artist)

  9. I am trying to achieve the motion of snow-flakes inside of a snow-globe. I am new to houdini, especially for particles... I saw some example files using SDF, and vop ..but I really don't know how to use VOP... Is there any easier way to achieve the swirling motion? I want the particle to be swirling, then gradually fall down .. like real snow-globe. I am thinking of orbit sop..? .. although I tried using it.. it didn't drive any particles.. i think i am using it wrong though.. please give me some suggestions !! Thank you