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  1. i have a dual socket Xeon Nehalem setup. 3.2ghz each. and...wellll....DON"T DO IT!! The other dude is right...xeons are not for home use. They are meant for server rooms. They are super fast but they heat up way too fast. They need a large power supply also. I spent alot of money just trying to keep them cool. Even water cooling fails the xeons. The type of memory depends on the procs you have. Check the specs.
  2. Mortal Combat - Scorpion

    Great Work! any chance on sharing this model... wink wink
  3. modeling / rigging a flower

    Alloo Alloo, Im trying to model a flower...which in houdini is easy enough ...but I am wondering if anyone here have advice on how I should model this flower in order to rig it so that it can bloom: http://www.hdwallpapersdepot.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Pink_water_lily.jpg What I have is one petal that is copied around a center pivot with a simple sphere in the middle. I was just planning on using a bend deformer and animate its phase. Does anyone have advice on how I can do this more realistically so that each petal opens a little differently, or have different bends and twists? any advice would be great!! thanks
  4. Hi everyone... Im just wondering if anyone knows how to change the viewer navigation from the default SPACE to the ALT ?? I jump between maya and houdini alot and its just a humbug as I tend to stumble around in houdini because my fingers are used to ALT instead of SPACEBAR. thanks Cheers!
  5. allo allo, I'm am just wondering if houdini 12 has a marking menu similar to maya? or if someone has built a third party function? thanks
  6. Particle Render Types?

    Thanks for responding. I checked out Peter's tuty but it didn't really answer my question. metaballs are volume? or solid? thanks again
  7. Particle Render Types?

    good afternoon all you houdini gurus out there, I have a 2 part question... I've been using Maya for a few year and I'm making a slow change to Houdini. My first question relates to the particle types in houdini. In Maya there are a few different types of particle render types like point, streak, multipoint, spheres, sprites, cloud, tube...bla bla bla Does Houdini have these, or something similar? I saw spheres, and tubes/capped tubes but don't know if there are others. My second question is...if I were to create a flare, with a bright head and smokey trail in Maya I would use the cloud particle with a expression that would increase the size as the particles age. I know how to do the trails but I can't seem to get a cloudy trail. Maybe a volumetric smokey trail. Do sprites in houdini self-shade? Does anyone have a recommendation of the best way to approach this? Below is my little previz test...and a style frame to which I'd like to match. style frame: http://files.air-attack.com/MIL/ac130/ac130u_20080829.jpg PreViz:
  8. Line to follow path

    Thankyou for the file.... It helps alot Cheers!!
  9. Hello Everyone, I have a noobie question that hopefully has a simple answer. I am trying to get a line object to follow along a path. If you check out the image you can see that I have done that. The issue is that not all the points of the line are sticking to the curve. Its following based on the pivot. How do I attach the line to the curve so that each point on the line is sticking to the path. Can someone please help me! Thanks! -NIK