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  1. H12 Flip fluid sinking

    Hi, i´m working with flip fluid sim, and found that the sink volume is having a bug: http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&p=117479&sid=af3fb598d23dddd35164ba5104152d6f I need to remove a fluid from a container and cant get rid of it =( Is there any workaround to do this? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks magneto for trying, ill see my preferences, maybe there is something there.
  3. Hi, i just installed H12 and been playing for a while until I found this problem. I´m making a group from a bounding object that is animated, if after making the group I try to blast the group selection or something Houdini instantly crashes. Is there any other way to do something similar? I´m attaching a scene file with the problem. Many thanks! group_bounding_object.hipnc
  4. Bullet vs Houdini RBD

    I only had the chance to test the bullet physics engine with the Dynamica plugin in Maya. It really runs very fast, and does a pretty good job with massive simulations. The rigid body objects can be set to collide by: box, sphere, convex-hull or geometry being the last one the slowest. Convex hull works very good. One thing bullet is missing (at least i couldn´t get it working) is as hopbin9 says, dynamic friction while working with sliding situations.
  5. Mantra wins Academy Award

    Congratulations and thanks for doing such great job!
  6. Silver necklace, 3D printed

    Great job there Matt
  7. humble apologies

    Thanks Jason, im happy the forum is back =)
  8. Dream Giver - award winning student short

    I would love to see this short, but im too far away from those festivals, I think I´ll wait for the public version.
  9. High Resolution Explosion

    Hi I would like to understand this point also. Why not passing the particles to a Gas Particle Field > divergence and using the temp pdiv. Thanks, this thread is very interesting.
  10. scatterting in pyro

    Im not a pyro expert, but maybe you can transfer the fields from one to another and use the pyroshader with that merged fluid.
  11. Campfire

    Here is a breakdown:
  12. Campfire

    Gracias Javier, Erik, The simulation for the fire took about 20 hours at 400 subdivisions Render of Camera 02 (the closer one) 200 frames: Scenario (Pixel Samples 8, motion blur, dof, shading quality 3, 720p) - ~45 minutes per frame Fire (Pixel Samples 3, no MB, no dof, shading quality 4, 720p) - ~25 minutes per frame My setup: i7 950 at 4.07ghz 12gb at 1400mhz asus rampage 3 extreme hdd 7200 caviar black
  13. Campfire

    Hi, I wanted to share my last mini-project which objective was to learn to do flames with PyroFX.