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  1. random subdivision and distance based subdivision.

    Hi Oidy, You should be able to open them in H17 as I was able to open them up in H18.5. cheers
  2. Yes, super useful ! I did double check (I found another of your post about it ). I included the textures, geometry and Material. I got out of houdini, if you have a chance to test them and see if you get the same result. I'm on houdini 17.0.416 and unreal 4.21.2 PS: I also tested a scene with their gamedev RBD director, solver and what not but have the same results (weird pivot offset), that's why I think it's something in my UE4 set up. thanks a million. test_rot.exr test_pos.exr test_geo.fbx M_vat_Test.txt
  3. Hello thanks a lot for posting that! I was having issue with pivot point not working, so I took your file and tried it without changing anything. and I have the same issue. in houdini it looks great: but in UE4: Any Idea?
  4. Boolean random seed per stamp??

    @Jesper Rahlff thank you so much! It's so obvious, I'm almost ashamed to have asked. works like a charm.
  5. Boolean random seed per stamp??

    Hello, I'm trying to create some really basic glass debris (small on screen and limited in poly counts (games)), so instead of using material based debris (too directional) or voronoi fracture (too hexagonal looking), I thought I would use Steven Knipping technique and use booleans. -create one glass panel -add points -attribrandomize the points -copy to points grids for cutting -boolean scatter the glass panel with the cutting grids -copy stamp the panels ...wishing to use stamp to add randomness to attribrandomize. It works great except that I can't get the randomness of my stamp attribute to randomize the seed, so all panel look the same. I'm creating a rnd attribute in the copy stamp SOP with the following expression: rand($NCY) and in the attribrandomize under options tab>Global seed I enter: stamp("../copy6/", "rnd", 0)*12345 If anyone as a minute to take a look or has any suggestion that'll be fantastic!! thanks BooleanStamp.hip
  6. Cone Twist constraint Angle not working

    Well to be honest I have no idea how they do it, but I'll try there are tons of information on that thread.Looks like a fun project
  7. Cone Twist constraint Angle not working

    @char the thread you shared has a lot of example in it. Which example are you trying to replicate? Most of them seems to use multiple constraint network. I'll suggest to start with single constraint them add on after that. Start with glue constraint and what can you use to make them break (hint: impact or use 'removeprim' like in my example). I need to set up an other sim with multiple network later today so I might post an example here (don't hold your breath ) @vicvvsh thanks for checking it out. I knew it was something stupid like that. I was watching the angle in the spreadsheet but I must have misread my numbers. here is an update: (still want to work on the bendiness, bend first than break) For kicks I tried the same system with a metaball force but still use the angle to removeprim. works pretty well I think
  8. Cone Twist constraint Angle not working

    Fixed! I could swear that prior to H17 I didn't HAVE to set a 'breakAngle' and I could just use the 'angle attribute ?!?! anyway, I just added a few attributes to make sure and it started to work. here is the scene for anyone that might find it interesting. coneTwist_test_fixed.hipnc
  9. Hi, At this point I need a new pair of eyes on this one and maybe a new brain. I have a simple test scene with a rbd ball smashing a wall, the wall is holding together with ConeTwist constraint. I then use the good old sop solver to 'removeprim' the constraints when the angle is larger than X. I can see the Angle attribute in the spreadsheet and all, but for whatever reason (I know it's a very simple one), the constraint bend but don't break! If someone as a few minutes to spare and take a look it would be much appreciated. Sorry if I sound sarcastic but I'm getting frustrated by my own stupidity! coneTwist_test.hipnc
  10. Hi, I'm trying to remove part of a sphere with a bunch of other spheres that I converted to vdb then to polygon to use like metaball and have a single geometry to use to "cut" the other one. Thinking (silly me) it would make it easier. if I switch the input of the Boolean node it kind of work, but I need the reverse of it. It was working great with the cookie SOP before. but I'm guessing new node require new workflow (which is fine, I just haven't understand it yet).:) The boolean node is giving me a warning "NonManifold edges in solid...pnumbersnumbers" I added a Clean sop afterward to try to fix it but no luck, I included my hip, if anyone of you nice people could help or point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. I also attached the intended result, which I got with the cookie sop a long time ago. thanks SplashScreen01.hip
  11. Volume mix cropping density

    HAHAHA, thanks Alexander! I'm actually the one that started the conversation about the looping with Peter. I'm using his technique for the timeshift, butI had a couple of issues with the blendshape where the position of both sim get jittery. That's why I was trying to use the VolumeMix SOP and was wondering if anyone had this same problem. and maybe an easy solution, like "oh you just need to switch X on" or " you forgot to do Z here". But thank you it is a very good and useful tutorial.
  12. Volume mix cropping density

    Hello, I'm Trying to create a smoke cloud loop. After generating a sim and creating a bgeo sequence. I use 2 time shifts to offset my animation and use a Volume mix to merge one onto the other smoothly. But for whatever reason the first (and thus last) frame of the result it looks as if one bounding box is cropping the volume.. but if I do a lower resolution of the exact same sim, it's all fine! I can't figure out why, how to force a certain BB to be used. help or previous related post would be greatly appreciated. PS: also attached the hip file. SmokePuff_07_V1.hip
  13. more sand/grain question

    Hi Jake, thanks a lot for your scene! I like the simplicity of it. very clean! and that's exactly what I was looking for.
  14. more sand/grain question

    I think I'm getting closer, I found out why I couldn't see the group updating in DOP .... wrong naming in the SopSolver, DUH! now I fixed that and it looks better, but I have some weird behavior at the end of the sim, Not sure if the particles are "swimming" in the texture again, or what... any idea? sandtest_forceRandom_V3.hiplc
  15. more sand/grain question

    So I tried to reproduce and change a little my file to see if I understood your process. but I'm stuck again. In the attached file I tried, in sop, to first use a pointVOP to generate color and then use a group node to generate the force_grp. And bring that to the dop network and use your technique to dynamically update the group. but for whatever reason I only get the first frame of the group. I can see my group being updating in SOP (advance a few frame, middle mouse to check the number of pt in my group, advance a few frame...etc). but I think I'm not doing something right in dop...?? sandtest_forceRandom_V2.hiplc