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  1. POP grains, how to make it bounce ?

    For anyone interested, the POP Grain node generates an attribute named ispbd. The default value is 1, and causes the POP Grains to override the POP Solver behaviour. When set to 0, the POP solver works as normal but the beauty of it is that you still have the interparticles collision and stacking from the POP Grains.
  2. POP grains, how to make it bounce ?

    Hi, I have a small issue with the pop grains in dops. I'm using it to manage collisions between a large number of objects and I need the objects to be able to bounce on other RBD colliders. Is it even possible with pop grains ? I can't get around the basic behaviour of the grains sticking together. To cut the long story short, I need the piling, but with bouncing Thanks !
  3. Particle Fluid Surfacing flickering

    Hi Ikarus, thanks for rou reply ! As you said, I can delete the unused parts of the mesh, but it's not the sides and bottom of the mesh that are bothering me, but the top, where you can see this kind of small noisy movement.
  4. Particle Fluid Surfacing flickering

    Hi, I'm trying to do some ocean interaction with the help of FLIP Fluids in Houdini 12. I don't have any big problem with the particle simulation yet, but the surfacing doesn't happen so well... The result is "flickering", I can't have a clean surface, I join a video of the problem, and the hip file. I'm using a source node so I can populate the container every frame with the help of a HOT geometry, maybe the new particles added every frame are responsible for the flickering on the surface ? Does anyone know a more efficient way of doing it ? Thanks ! Yann FLIP_Problem.mov Ocean_Interaction_RD_01.hip
  5. Engine Test

    @ Hopbin9 : the file was done with vestion 11 build 775.
  6. Engine Test

    Hi everyone, this is my first post on odforce, but this forum has already been of great help to me. Today, I want to share a little test for an engine exhaust effect : and I join the hip file which is very simple. Thrusters_Test_Odforce.hip