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  1. Hi, For a game in dev , we have some .fbx characters with multiple animations in them. I use Houdini to poly reduce them wich is working really great ! Houdini import all the animations in differents takes. The problem is when I want to export the LODs , Houdini export just one take at a time in .fbx . Is there a way to export just one .fbx with all the animations/takes in it ? Have a nice day, Sylvain.
  2. Animated polar noise texture

    Thank you , i will look at that Have a nice day
  3. Hi everyone , I made this in after effect (animated mask / roughen edge / polar coordinates on multiple layers) : I would like to be able to do this in houdini , but i,m not very used with the cop context. If some people have some guidelines/ideas , it would be nice Have a nice day See you, Sylvain.
  4. Hey guys! Can you help me? Im a new User!

    hi, when you do a pyro sim,houdini automaticaly write a cache for you .you should change your cache directory , check this : http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&p=122143&sid=c0485abfd809b5a93ceb3887e8ee8611
  5. Hi, i would like to know if there is a way to loop through points via an attribute value , like the ForEach node does when it s setup on 'each attribute value' . i already know how to make simple loops , but i m stucked in the way to do that via an attrbute value stored in the points. if someone has some ideas , please share thanks. Sylvain.
  6. thank you a lot for the example petz , very helpfull !
  7. so i create a dictionary this way : pts = geo.points() dico = {} for pt in pts: ptNum = pt.number() attrValue = pt.attribValue("class") dico[ptNum] = attrValue is this the correct way ?, i m very noob in python. now i have to find how to use this.
  8. Video Mapping

    Hi, i would like to share a project i worked on with the paradigme crew (www.paradigme.tv) : lot of things are done with houdini , hope you will like it see you. Sylvain.
  9. Video Mapping

    thanks ! personnaly i work only with houdini , 2 other people work on maya/mental ray (hoping they switch to houdini one day), and one one guy on after effect. half of the render of this project is done with houdini/mantra , the other with mental ray
  10. waveDeformer

    very nice! , would be could to see it animated. I worked on a similar setup and would be interested to know a little more how you approached the creation of the foam
  11. ih there, is there a way to store the value of the current frame ( $F) in an attribute . for example , i have a grid with some animated points , i want to store the value of the frame at which the points begin to animate (something a little like a birth time value) hope i m clear. cheers.
  12. @sadhu : thanks . it works very well @Mzigaib : i m searching for a solution that dont use particles
  13. same kind of thing that in maya , make some bones with ik , and parent the ik to the geometry it need to follow
  14. to see the textures in viewport you need some uv . As for selecting the face for the building , there are many way to do it , it depends if you want to do it manually or procedurally too.
  15. hi, i setup an animation with chops , creating some curves animation from an imported sop attribute . All is working fine when i make the setup. But each time i reopen the file i got this error on the animated node : " Infinite recursion in evaluation" . Dont understand why i got this . if someone can take a look at the file . Thank. BoundingBox_Animation.hipnc
  16. Hi, I'm facing some problems : i made some primitives groups an created a point in the centroid of each . Now i would like to copy each group on the corresponding point for animate them with some particles ( a little like the primitive sop would do , but whith some primitives groups) maybe is there a way to convert a group of primitives to a single primitive (and so , using the primitive sop ) ? hope i'm understandable see you, primGroupToParticles.hipnc
  17. @cpb : thank you for sharing , it works well and it's a lot more reactive than what i tried @ikarus : thanks for the tip i learn a lot from your exemples.
  18. thank you Koen , very interesting approach and it seem to work well , more reactive than the (very slow) delete/copyStamp solution , i m not very used with dop , so it will take me a little time to understand all the aspects of your file . i will dig into it thanks, Sylvain.
  19. thank you , i tried the same kind of technique too , but as you said , it pretty slow when number of objects go up (mine was even slower )
  20. shape outlines

    Hi, I woul like to know if you have good tips/ideas for creating shapes outlines , i just can't find a proper way to do this , i posted an exemple of the shape i need some outlines if someone want to take a look. thank you. Sly. forOutline.hipnc
  21. shape outlines

    thank it s exactly what i wanted .Sorry for all if i badly explain what i wanted to do . Unfortunaly , these otl , doesn't work with the shapes i have . finally i find a pretty easy solution via the extrude node . here the file ( if it can interest/help someone) createOutlines.hipnc
  22. Random link of interest

    beautiful pictures of explosions : http://www.itsnicethat.com/articles/ueli-alder
  23. shape outlines

    sorry , if was not understandable . i attach a pic , on the left is what i have in houdini , and on the right is what i like to have . i don't find a proper way to do it in houdini
  24. Logo Animation

    Fisrt time i use houdini for all the aspects (love it more and more ) : simple project , but hope you will like it .
  25. Render farms for H12

    it seems there isn't a lot of renderfarm services for houdini/mantra . I'm also interested to know if there are other solutions , and to hear experiences/feedback from user. Thanks, Sylvain.