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  1. Hi, Houdini guys. Is there way to blend orient quaternion between frames (as timeblend) after RBD packed sim?? Timeblend works for position value but it doens't blend for orient. Thanks!
  2. emit multiple Packed Primitive with Constraints

    This is more advance setup with particle. hope to help anyone who needs this kinds of effects. constraint_packedPrimitiveEmitter.hip
  3. emit multiple Packed Primitive with Constraints

    Great !! Thx Tomas !!
  4. emit multiple Packed Primitive with Constraints

    here is test file multpleConstraint_v01.hip
  5. Hi, I'm trying to emit Packed primitive with Constraint. Simulation seems work BUT when I turn on guide of Constraint, constraint positions are out of object. How can I keep constraint in side of each objects? Thank you for you guys help.
  6. RBD packed primitive convex hull jitter

    You can increase constraint Iteration in bullet solver.(default is 10-> 30~40). It makes pieces stable. If you use h15, increase "Contact CFM" too in bullet solver.
  7. Here is part of "Domemaster3D" for Mental ray, it is open source. https://github.com/zicher3d-org/domemaster-stereo-shader/blob/master/mentalray/original/domeAFL_2013/sources/domeAFL_WxH.c I would like to ask this part /* Convert ray from camera space */ mi_vector_from_camera(state, &ray, &ray); /* Trace new ray... */ return(mi_trace_eye(result, state, &state->org, &ray)); How can I convert to Vex for houdini this part? Based houdini help about lens shader.. export vector P – Ray origin in camera space export vector I – Ray direction in camera space How can I adjust metal ray code the line to vex with this variable? Thanks
  8. I'm trying to put names of multiple smoke objects on "DOP object" part for Pop advect. Is there any way to put multi smoke object name there? Thanks
  9. How to import Point Cloud Texture in H13?

    How to import Point Cloud Texture to voppop in H13? Thanks
  10. Hi, I'm working on water splash for my graduated thesis in school. So far, I couldn't make water surface tension, so I just put emitter on top of fish and spreading water. But it doesn't seem having any surface tension and just looks pouring water. This is my work so far. http://vimeo.com/87121114 I would like to get water tension when fish is jumping from under water surface as following reference. Could you guys give me any advice or suggestion to have natural water tension as the references? Thanks
  11. sopsolver setting as solver in SOP level.

    I would like to make dopnet(Yellow) with sopsolver as solver(Red) what I made in SOP level. I think I set up Dopnet properly, but it doesn't work as solver. Could you check this file? Thanks Case_01.hip
  12. popup helpmenu issue

    Hi, I have a question. There is popup menu. I can't go to select the menu, though I use down arrow button or mouse. Is there any option what allows to choose popup menu?
  13. Dopnet Active node issue.

    I'm working on Fracture dynamic effect. I control active node in Dopnet based on color(white : 1 / Black : 0 ) to manage fracture pieces. But, when I tried to make white value based on SOP solve, Dopnet active node can't get the value. Although, other case works well.. Could you check this file?
  14. Increase value based on birth order

    I found issue again. When I use 2 copy with 2 SOP solve, copy sop doesn't work as what I expected. I make... Copy Green -> Red Copy Red -> Blue Blue follows red well But Green doesn't follow red This is My node. Could you guys give me any advices? Thx Accumulate Issue.hipnc
  15. Increase value based on birth order

    Thx YongBin for your care I tried to increase value based on Point number order. For example, Frame 1 -> pt 1 : value 1 Frame 2 -> pt 1 : value 2, pt2 : value 1 Frame 3 -> pt 1 : value 3, pt2 : value 2, pt3 : value 1 ..... like that. Fortunately, I found some way. I attached the file ! Value2.hipnc