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  1. Try using stopped attrib on particles. You can use pop awake node to awake or put particles to sleep by different conditions
  2. Dynamic arrows sticking into moving geo.

    Hello Steve, Here's a quick solution. But maybe I'm overcomplicating things as always). Check the hip file attached. Edit: I have just realized that you need scene in houdini 14) arrowSimpleN.hip arrowSimpleHou14.hip
  3. Houdini Bacteria Growth

    Hello, Sergio. As you might know, things are getting better with every release of houdini.) Verlet integration is just another word for position based physics, so now we have this kind of solver implemented by sesi in houdini 14 grain solver. You can do exactly what I have done with pbd, constraints and couple of lines in wrangle nodes)
  4. wiresolver ignore selfcollision

    Hi, Oleg. I realy don't know what it was but I've fixed a couple of params in your file and now selfcollision works) Also I think you should try doing ropes with new PBD solver maybe it will be faster and more directable selfcollision_wiresolverFix.hip
  5. Break Cone constraint.

    Just change the "overwrite with sop" parameter on your constraintnetwork1 DOP to something like $SF==1
  6. Ivy Growing

    Kind of working solution. Anyway, I think that achiving this effect with vex rotate function is more clear way then pure trigonometry... Ivy_growingArchi.hip
  7. Just sort your primitives by x axis with sort node before join
  8. get the trans and rot matrix of object

    I wrote a small tool for attaching pieces to other geos. But it was done really long long ago. So dont ask me how it works and why it is done this way.)) I guess I was just young and unexperienced. Anyway it may help and it works. trans_and _rot_matrixArchiFollow.hip
  9. first thing that comes to my mind frustrum.hip
  10. Use reorder chop shift_chops_1_.hip
  11. Cutting system [perhaps FEM working]

    I have assembled a simple example for you to start with. For soft body effects you should push it a bit further. Edit. and another example of cutting thin soft body sheets. It is even more simple. cuttingSys_1_.hip cuttingSys_2_.hip
  12. Cutting system [perhaps FEM working]

    Hi, Fabien. The system in my video is very old and not valid nowadays. I think now it can be done much more easily with a sort of dynamc fracturing system. I would try using packed prims with bullet in your case (I use it to have a fast fake of FEM soft body behaviour). Please look at this thread for the reference on fracturing packed prims at the sim time, and also have a look on the attached video for faking FEM with a bullet.
  13. to create a line from random object?

    Hi, I think there is no simple solution to this problem. Any ideas I have will only get you to a certain point with a draft quality and many errors. What I would try first is to process it through straight skeleton algorithm. You can find a fairly good starting point in this post. Hope it help and good luck)
  14. packing procedural blocks

    Hi Kleer, Don't know if it helps but here is the same thing you do in a for loop but implemented in vex. I guess it is faster... puzzleBox_01dd.hipnc
  15. Sin Waveform on a Grid

    Hi Alvaro! Great to see you on odforce forums. There are ton of ways to do wave in houdini. I'm VEX fan so my version is in vex=) waveTrivial.hip