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  1. Problem in importing fbx format model from maya to hudini.

    Forgot to attach file in previous post. So attaching files here. Please check. test.rar
  2. Hello houdinics, I am facing a problem in imorting a character model from maya to houdini. I have made a 3D character in maya, model is divided into groups like head, legs, hands in maya outliner. I have tried with obj format. Obj format is working fine for maya export and houdini import. But it doesnt come with all separate groups. It makes a single mesh/object. So i tried with .fbx format. exporting from maya is working but importing that fbx file to houdini is not working. My steps were: ================= At maya.. -- selected all groups from maya outliner, deleted all history. -- File-> export select -> path and name -> export Success..!! At houdini.... -- I made geometry node at scene level. -- inside geometry node i am trying to import 3D model through File node. -- It doesnt show any error but it doesnt import even a single vertex. So Can anybody please explain HOW TO IMPORT 3D MODEL FROM MAYA TO HOUDINI WITH ALL GROUPS...?? =============================================================== For experiment i am attaching a very basic file so anyone of you can try this at any moment and guide me... -- file is a basic maya file with 3 groups ( sphere, cone, box ). -- another file is fbx export Houdini version: 11.0.658 Maya Version : 2011