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  1. That's what I would call non-legitimate option form VFX. Don't bother. Good thinking. Download free version of Renderman for Houdini or/AND free version of 3Delight (free for commercial use too btw), mix it with Mantra and you're more than OK. Being flexible about rendering is essential for VFX. Unlike animation, VFX tends to play on many drums. and yet you've chosen great Houdin's forum!
  2. All of them are legitimate options, that's why you've heard of them If you're going to render on a single computer for personal projects, GPU rendering might not be the bad idea, albeit it will cost you some mental health. Also, you don't have to choose the best one, just good enough.
  3. 3delight is heavily used in production, and I dare to claim it's probably the *best renderer on the market these days. They are just not big on marketing nor advertising (and never were). * - considering price/quality/versatility ratios. All mentioned will be faster than Mantra. The difference will be small or big depending on a case.
  4. It really depends on a case, but whatever is your case DO NOT* bind your own methods to Houdini classes. Classes are often considered to be overused. Lots of code uses OOP without real merit. If you're now in a 'free functions world', it's generally good place to be, as long as you don't have hundreds of methods passing around things, which could easily be a state of the class instead. Now, the thing is, state is handy, tempting, but state is also evil, specially in Python, because it doesn't have a concept of privateness. If you can avoid keeping your states and methods in one place (classes), it is usually considered advantageous. Code becomes usually more verbose, but also cleaner, safer and MUCH more resilient to breaks caused by changes (obviously at some point it becomes strange and obsessive to avoid classes, so choose you pill carefully). Python modules and namespaces actually mitigate the main reason of overdosing classes, which is the urge of young programmers to keep methods organized in one place (reason for which classes should NOT be used). As much as this doesn't look OOP , you can do things like: obj = hou.Node(...) # some python object obj = my_sexy_module.do_something(obj, **params) obj = my_sexy_module.do_something_else(obj, **params) and it's totally valid way of doing things. You should be worried if you start seeing things like: obj = do_something(obj, my_secrets, **params) obj = do_something_else(obj, my_secrets, **params) which basically means you start passing around state which should be kept by the class: obj = MyObject(hou.Node(...)) obj.do_something(**parms) I don't mean to alienate you with OOP, but if you feel like you're doing fine without them, don't bother. It's not like they're obligatory EDIT: * - bacause every reasonable person would/should assume that whatever comes after hou.* is SESI land not third party. Then idiom is: from jiri import shelftools as tools objs = tools.do_funcy_stuff_with_objs(hou.node("/obj"))
  5. You probably need to get access to underlying voxel array via raw field. // SIM_ScalarField *source.... SIM_RawField *raw_field = source->getField(); UT_VoxelArray *array = raw_field->fieldNC(); array->setValue(vx, vy, vz, 1.0f);
  6. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/cop2/ramp.html
  7. Hello Masoud, I'm hijacking this thread because it seems you're not reading your private massages. I wrote to you few days ago asking you politely to put your questions in a proper subsections. You're already a frequent user of odforce, so this basic rule should be familiar to you. After placing your posts manually for weeks, and then asking you literally to do it by yourself, I've decided to warn you with negative point for posting FLIP related question to Lounge section. It seems to me you didn't understand my objective since your reaction was downgrading my posts in revenge. I'm making this public remark to clarify the issue and hopefully resolve it. Please start making use of subforum sections and please stop making it personal. It's not. best regards, Szymon PS My personal message was:
  8. I know as a fact, that soap is better in dealing with viruses, but obviously doeas't deal well with quarantine.
  9. Sorry, seems like all mods went skiing
  10. Mplay opens a port to communicate with mantra on loopback network, doesn't reach for internet. It might also check with license server if you have any Houdini product (including free one) on the machine (albeit it won't consume any license). You are fine.
  11. Karma benchmark

    Did you? This thread is about to be trashed for the lack of merit.
  12. evalAtFrame() and chop constraints weirdness

    i think it's not related to constraints nor chops per se. evalParm() is 'conservative' in a sense it doesn't obey higher order operation (as parenting or constraining), just giving raw channel values. Albeit this line: hou.node(...).worldTransformAtTime(frame).extractTranslates() gives the definite position whenever parented, constrained and what's not happening with a node.
  13. Python setHSV

    cheers! I feel it all the time
  14. Python setHSV

    hou.Color().setHSV expects a tuple of floats, not three floats: for node in nodes: color = hou.Color() hsv = (hou.hmath.rand(node.sessionId())*360, .9, .9) color.setHSV(hsv) node.setColor(color)
  15. What is the difference between npoints() and point()?

    Hi RustyMac2020, may I give you a polite suggestions to: - give your threads a correct descriptive titles (like the one above instead of the original "What is the difference?") - avoid asking about things directly described in relevant documentation (like what does a given function) - avoid collapsing many unrelated topic into single thread - finally start using spell checker These are not to make life of a novice user harder, but to lower noise level and make public forum more useful. Thanks! btw documentation chapter about attributes (what they are and so forth): https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/model/attributes.html