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  1. Random Scale of Spheres

    @pscale = fit01(random(@ptnum), 100.0, 300.0);
  2. setprimattrib not working properly

    pcfind returns the indices of points, not primitives.
  3. bad allocation error

    Most probably Mantra can't allocate enough RAM. How much memory has your system? How many CPU cores? What OS?
  4. $JOB/cache/Houdini_Caches/$ACTIVETAKE/${ACTIVETAKE}.bgeo.sc
  5. Random link of interest

    Physically Based Rendering - the book - is free and online as of today: http://www.pbr-book.org ...and while talking about knowledge, another good place to gather some of it: Filament docs - very comprehensive knowledge base about PBR (theoretically for realtime engine, practically doesn't matter): https://google.github.io/filament/Filament.md.html
  6. Centos 7 CUDA

    Both OpenCL and Cuda are part of Nvidia diver installation, so you don't have to install anything else. Also Cuda and OpenCL are unrelated in terms of the software.
  7. C++ Effects Programming ?

    There is always room for improvements in FX department, although SESI builtin tools raise bar high enough. Nevertheless since product vendor has to provide tools for a wide audience, particular implementation of the tool might not fit one's needs. Typical scenario are FEM for character effects (secondary motion / tissue effects), techniques for cloth and hair effects, like cloth sim driven by rig animation, low scale / high detail SPH fluids , particles' meshing techniques (capable of handing slow motion), illumination caching for volumetric effects (still very slow for high res dense volumes), cg human all together - mocap / video driven face animation + photoreal texturing. Advanced destruction with good blend of material based approaches and artist friendly directibility. Ropes' physics! Add to the blend remeshing of dense geometry (with texturing!), render denoising, example based seamless textures in 2 and 3d, photogrammetry tools, volume upsampling, and you have your weekends busy for the rest of your life! cheers! ps It's not necessary to post the same post in two forum's sections!
  8. Hscript question... again..

    You don't need those backticks.
  9. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Thankfully Mantra isn't the only renderer for Houdini these days.
  10. Use search, please.
  11. Use hscript to set linux variable

    You can't send env. variable back to parent process (shell) from within Houdini. It's not hscript nor Houdini limitation, it's just how system works. Env. variables are inherited by child processes (like Houdini), which means it sees the copy of it. You could start new shell process from Houdini, so that new process will inherit vars as set by you inside Houdini.
  12. VEX quaternion to vectors

    If by reverse you mean how to get original matrix (or N and up): matrix3 m = qconvert(@orient);
  13. Hacked site

    Oh, How pity. I discovered new sport today
  14. Hacked site

    Admins are on it.
  15. Limit Houdini RAM usage

    On Linux you can limit Houdini's memory with cgroups on kernel level. -j just limits the number of cores Houdini will attempt to use, but doesn't constrain memory access. Simplest way is to tune your sim as proposed by Atom. hth, skk.