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  1. Houdini generalist wanted in Warsaw based human.film (previously human-ark.com). We do mosty films and TV series now. PM me if that sounds as interesting option for you. Cheers, Szymon.
  2. How big are those files? Is it HDD or SDD? Are you using implicite compression (with *.sc postfix?). Did you delete attributes which are not needed for rendering?
  3. The thing is simple if the libraries you're going to use have modern CMake support. It boils down to a series of commands: find_package() target_link_library() This way CMake will take care of everything for you. It's de facto standard of dependency management in C++. If the library is oldie and not maintained so Cmake can't find it (and you can't provide proper FindXXX.cmake file to help it with it), this is where your journey begins. Depending on case it might be long one varied by a series of visits on stackovertflow with mutually excluding answers. Google it ("how to set up XXX lib with Cmake") or post here details.
  4. I would assume that GA_Offset is the same for all attributes per point. So as long as you have GA_Offset for point position for example, it's valid for any other attribute on that detail. Unless im missing something... could you elaborate?
  5. Hi, Human Ark is Warsaw based animation studio, with +12 years of both original projects and commercial service and its belt. We look for junior and senior pipeline engineers (or TDs ) to help us with what's ahead of us. Mostly feature animation and VFX. We are typical Linux/rez/Shotgun/Houdini/Maya/Nuke/Python/bash studio. We are OK with remote work in case of experienced persons, novice people probably should be on site. All typical requirements apply, but we are not strict about anything. If you look for a place to learn new stuff, we can talk. Human Ark is currently working on feature animation which is probably the funniest film you've ever heard of. We also do some Netflix features, series, and commercials. We are small, open and flexible, you will work without much supervision on many things at the same time. Sounds like fun, isn't it :)? PM me if case you're interested. Szymon.
  6. or just hou.hscript("setenv -s") and since we are not valetudinarians : cpio &> /dev/null -D /tmp/ -i < scene.hip && fgrep "set -g" /tmp/.variables hehe.
  7. no problem, that was rhetoric question That's the thing, internally you don't have to worry about anything, you can even link Blender with HDK, although HAPI allows you to avoid even that (by linking with HAPI instead of HDK). If you start selling things to third parties, then you have to be worried both about SideFX license and GPL. As Daniel_Daniel said, SideFX in its HEngine license might put some safety measures in case someone will do wrong thing with it (like making new Houdini) or renting your HEngine license in internet what HAPI effectively allows you to do.
  8. Yes, this is interesting. HAPI source is not GPL, but, say, I would write HE for Blender, then all I have to do is open source (GPL) my code, and then HAPI (nor Houdini) doesn't have to, since neither I have control over HAPI, nor Houdini is linked with Blender. Now this changes for SideFX, since they do control HAPI and GPL magically applies to them (to HAPI), or doesn't it?
  9. Append Point Wranger SOP and change Attribute To Match parameter (on Binding Tab) to @whatever_id_you_used_on_both_geo (my_id) and then bellow code will just work: @P.y = v@opinput1_P.y;
  10. Doesn't it mirror HOM/Python? This should work: SOP_MyNode::SOP_MyNode(OP_Network *net, const char *name, OP_Operator *op) : SOP_Node(net, name, op) { setUserData("nodeshape", "cloud", 1); setColor(UT_Color(UT_RGB, 1, 0, 0)); }
  11. Most Houdini Engine plugins are embedded in closed source applications. You definitely can do this, HE will use license anyway. If you want to sell it to third parties, it's probably good idea to talk to SideFX though.
  12. Jesus Christ, we are sad people. 17 years.
  13. If all the inputs to Mantra are in ACES, Mantra output is in ACES also. If your color parms and textures are correctly adjusted, you are fine.
  14. Sorry, I haven't noticed that before. You probably solved it already but for a sake of completeness: it isn't typically necessary, because current geometry is available in a shader as geometry attribute (via parameters binding) , but generally, yes, volumesample() will work in shader context with op:/path/to/geometry as long as geometry is present in IFD file (which is the case, when /obj/object has the display flag active). You can export additional volume to a IFD and set its renderable parm empty to make it invisible, but people usually dump volumes on disk to keep IFD files small.
  15. I don't think Linux distribution has anything to do with that. More likely it's hardware <--> drivers <--> Houdini interoperability. It's really pointless to compare studio's computer on CentOS with private's Win10 - unless they have exactly the same hardware and deal with the same files! (which as rarely the case) It's more likely, that your gtx 2080ti with recent drivers on Windows 10 works well with specific Houdini build viewport code while displaying not so many textures in test scenes, while studio computer floated with 8K/32bit textures fails miserably after Nvidia driver refuses to allocate buffer due to lack of VRAM, due to chrome's youtube allocating more VRAM, due to switching to higher resolution etc etc, and Houdini can't do anything other than NOT display texture. Aside of that, yes, glitches are annoying. Best way to deal with that is report a bug with as many specifics as possible.
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