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  1. Sidefx.com?

    yesterday hacker attack here, and today sidefx.com out of order... III World War or what? hope, some good new stuff is to be placed there... SY.
  2. Browsing Triggers Download

    WinXP with firewall turned on, FireFox, LinkSys hardware firewall... trojans did nothing, Norton Antivirus works...
  3. Browsing Triggers Download

    harmless..? I've found 2 trojans after visiting odforce.net maybe it's about hacker contest or something... maybe they are jealous... cheeers, SY. (I'm not blaming anybody here at odforce.net if have thought so... )
  4. Shake For Only $499

    .... yes, we had this conversation already: http://odforce.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=3831 hadn't we?
  5. Shake For Only $499

    Give Halo some time..! Yep, Nuke rulez, actually its much more interesting piece of software right now than shake but still it's less comfortable to work then shake (sorry Jason), but... the real power of Nuke is unbeaten! Shaka is eaten by DF/Afx/Combustion from the one side and by Nuke/Flame/Toxic from the other side. After that remains 500dollar baby... said, said...
  6. Shake For Only $499

    first thing I said after apple buying shake was: this is begining of its dead. And now I sure I was right... I love this program....
  7. Some Exercises

    [quote name='MIguel P
  8. A Few Shaders

    nice one...! show us wireframes, Jason!
  9. Izg

    you can always do like that: cd to pic's directory, then: >>python >>import os >>for pic in os.listdir(''): # make sure there are only pics in this dir >>.........os.system('izg -depth 8 %s %s.%s.tiff' % (pic,pic.split('.')[0],pic.split('.')[1])) #all in one line! ... ... that's it! ugly but funny cheers, SY. [edit] ok, I feel guilty, so perhaps this would look better: >>python >>import os >>for item in os.listdir(''): >>.......if item.endswith('pic'): >>................newItem = '.'.join(item.split('.')[0:2]) >>................os.system('izg -depth 8 %s %s.tiff' % (item, newItem))
  10. Izg

    ...so izg won't work either without proper licenese... or (?) will save *.picnc files, right? The same here COP after job done can save picnc..? Just can't check it now...
  11. Izg

    you can do it also manually in COPS treating your seq as ordinary sequence, equalize, convert to 8bit and save out to disk. Are there any reasons for not doing it in UI? cheers, SY.
  12. Which Scripting Language To Learn?

    well, as we all know Houdini is an exeption . Good, skillful and artistic talented fx animator with Houdini on screen can do beautiful stuff witout programming. That's houdini. But working on Maya without MEL is impossible (on some level of competense), right? Add to this RenderMan or even worse MentalRay... which needs advanced c++. Well, read anouncements (concerned also houdini artists) on PDI, SPI or whereever: Fx animator job board: " * Designs & creates images, elements & effects * Responsible for coding & providing support & documentation for tools created" etc etc. or as you wish: "Designs and creates the look and production methodology for computer generated FX animation and dynamic simulation of cloth, fur and hair. Designs and creates images, elements, effects, pipelines, tools and techniques for digital visual effects. (...)Knowledge of applicable software packages including Houdini, Maya and Renderman required. UNIX and scripting ability in relevant languages including MEL, Perl and Python highly desirable. (...) Bachelor's degree in computer science, engineering or computer graphics." ok, I know wee agree to some point. Sure there can be oportunities to stay away from coding in VFX industry. But make your self a favor and stay close to it, how knows the future, yes?
  13. Which Scripting Language To Learn?

    If you wish to work in Visual Effect you MUST know very well a view programming/scritping languages. There is no other choice. Python as was said previously, c-shell as fast as possible, at least some basics of c/c++, then MEL, RSL, VEX, hscript, and so on, so on... Very soon you'll find your self without hands if you won't be really familiar with code. Good thing about Python (as Perl) is that so many things were done in it and enclosed in modules, so very easy, with a few lines of code you can prepare really nontrivial applications. Also extending python with C/C++ is quite easy (as long as there is no tamplates, garbage collections etc in it.). Python is a language of choice not only in VFX industry but even more in academic physical science society. That's why it's so easy to handle (not only to learn but to write, extend, read, fix etc etc) - well, it's hard to expect from scientist to have first class coding skills, he performs research not programming... What I wanted to say, is that you won't have "market value" as VFX animator, TD or whatever if you will be just familliar a bit with coding. Prepere yourself on much deeper contact with that stuff Cheers, SY.
  14. Glass

    Mario! Write a book on this! Be reach! Live forever! Awesome! (I hate this word, but its so accurate ) cheers, SY.
  15. Library For .obj

    there must be one.... in some OpenGL area or something.... It's hard to believe that nobody has made it. There is CGkid in python but it's not a c++ so...
  16. I3d Smoke Project

    what's about rendering time? How much did it take, i3d adn final render? That's intreresting and important!
  17. Pro Color Correction Book Or Tut

    hmm... I you still got your book? I've lost mine during some city-to-city movements. I could buy or rent for a while. Since Warsaw is so small cheers, Sy. PS As I know you won't find much more on color correction. Better to study art of colouring in painting books...
  18. Glassmat

    the hotdog has no tranculency in hears area!!! shame on you! It looks so artifical! almost like Mc`Donalds... you know, you should try harder....
  19. Pro Color Correction Book Or Tut

    "The art and science of digital compositing" by Ron Brinkmann - the bible of all compositiors. Its not specific colour correction stuff but plenty about this also. cheers, SY.
  20. Houdini Hair Test!

    what!? 14 hours!? you mean this small, nice animation took 14 hours to render? Where do you see reason for so long time?
  21. 6000$ per render node!? Are you using SGI for rendering or what? I thought rendernodes are much cheaper then simple workstation and quite good one you can get for 2-4K$... also (not sure of that) but 5K$ is a price for first PRMan licenses. 140licenses wouldn't cost 140x5K, right?
  22. It's written in Notes that it can NOT be done in PRMan 13 unless now. As I understand there is nothing special in that trick - I mean, no fancy technology outside pure PRMan is used, so mayby this is really possible in Mantra without BIG coding efforts... The sourcecode seems to be about publishing too...
  23. Softimage Xsi Camera Data To Houdini

    as always, best place you can start is wiki: http://www.odforce.net/wiki/index.php/SoftImageXSIToHoudini plus plenty of answers for your question at: Houdini/XSI Forum page what a surprise! cheers, SY
  24. Houdini On Buzz Tv

    well I'm the last person not appreciating 3dbuzz work for community. But part of my respect to them is my truthfulness for them. If something is wrong I'm telling this is wrong... that's all. Of course it's more like a joke then 'real' interview and that's why I was supprised that SESI IS actually using it as marketing material. I wouldn't do it on their place. So we have unprofessional, pathetic material used by professional, powerfull company... you know, one spelling mistake (lots of this stuff in my posts ) in advertising flysheet costs more then whole campaign . There is a lack of such videos from SESI and there is the one, at last... crap. And of course I was too strick here. Just watched that curiosity and I couldn't resist, sorry... and at the end, they actually earn money on that (hope they do), don't taken from me or you but they do... and this is good. cheers, SYmek.
  25. Houdini On Buzz Tv

    well it's kind of you... perhaps I've said something too strong but these are definitely not good interviews and for sure for noone, either you know much more or you you want to know much more... Nevermind, I don't want to make a "case" from it. Just a small frustration after ~130MB of downloading cheers, SYmek