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  1. Texure Projeciton

    well done, thank you Edward, now it's simple to grab the idea for someone aside. I will try to make animation to show what nice effect can be done with Mario's setup.
  2. Ooo... I Want One.

    Maybe you're right! But still neural networks must be traind on something. That is human data, in which we must find function, order in chaos, this is somthing neural networks are good at. As I know the system is based on - and come from biology research on basic, unconscious behaviors - but still it can be driven by AI . Its deep,deep topic!
  3. Ooo... I Want One.

    yup, Siggraph presentation of verion 2.5... quite impressive. Useful if one has good motioncapture workflow. Guy from computer science faculty came a cross biology faculty and saw research on human body-motion behavior. They have recorded lots of motion capture date to analize it later . As they finished they have something like a profile of common human body behaviors as a sidefx of main research. So the guy from computer science has found that it would be nice and relatively easy to use these profiles to synthesize human motion. And this is how colaborative, openess, and fresh thinking drive progress. You still need a lot of motion capture data to use it effectively thought....
  4. Animation From Frenchop's Tutorial

    ...BTW, isn't the right time to record some new video tutorials, Frenchop..? :whistling: it;s just a feeling, you know... :thumbsup: ->
  5. Realflow In Houdini

    yep, looks nice but it's still not your goal, right? I've never gone beyond that also. Too small mash resolution. It must be much more particles to simulate fluid but then metaball creation and/or polyconverion became impossible, so mesh stays low-res nad RealFlow is flowing away...
  6. Meet The Robinsons

    is it their own production? I cannot see any other credits...
  7. Submarine

    and what are textures resolutions for this object ? Because some of properties look nice in high-freq but others not. It's hard to judge which one is that, but object seams to be blured and detailed in the same time
  8. Meet The Robinsons

    Rafal123... you aren't going to post news on every premiere out there..? are you?
  9. Few N00b Questions ;)

    to delete group which is already in geometry you don't have to put a group sop again, just use delete with proper group value or select point group then choose operator and... "right click to complete". Groups from obj files are not fully supported. If you create geo in Houdini with groups and you choose one in viewport, you see group name not point range. hope this help, SY.
  10. Disney's "The Wild" Trailer News

    ok, i agree, that was stupid - I've just looked into examples, read help paper, and now understand little more.
  11. Disney's "The Wild" Trailer News

    yes you're right, I forgot how many new character tools apear in 7 & 8. I was surprised by the fact mentioned in the article that attributeTransfer was developed so resently right for CORE. I thought it was in Houdini since Point SOP was because it so in Houdini manner just to manipulate attributes like that. By the way is AttributeTransfer just remapping of point attributes or it does some smart work for smoothing, interpolating, extrapolating etc.? I've never used it actually...
  12. I have no idea how to force mantra to render WITH motionblur but WITHOUT raytraced reflections. I've prepared my shader with 'reflective' call because I've thougth no raytrace will be performed if enviroment map is specified. Now I take away "-q 4" from mantra command ( this is my default preference) because I need motion blur, and I discoverd real raytraced reflections! O my Godness, I've almost forgoten they exist. I really wouldn't like to rewrite my shader. Can I keep motionblur without reflections? thanks for help! SYmek.
  13. Raytracing / Motion Blur

    o, great! I knew that this must be one of these switches but couldn't find correct one... because when I wrote '-Q r', I had previosly turned off motion blur . Now after your post I checked again, turn on MB, and it works! thanks! SYmek
  14. Disney's "The Wild" Trailer News

    Does all of this mean that Houdini 9 will have milion of new character tools? It must be a great source of information - just seates side by side of "fresh" animator and write for them tools in hours. Trail by fire. Actually I'm very intrested in next realise, it's so quiet around. But summer is comming. Does anybody know anything about new features in H8.5(9)? cheers, SYmek.
  15. I'm just curios if its a well known behavior that mantra crashes if it renders with -n parameter (multi process) and in the same time camera has croped view via Crop Tab of Camera Properties. Can I crop window in other way not so disturbing for mantra? thanks for advice, SYmek
  16. No More H In A52 ???

    Hey there, anything what was said directly to/about Andy Hall is childish - that's clear... and there are number of reasons to change your tool, often on worse one (because: cheaper, more accessible etc.) . Business is a business. The problem (for community not for SESI I think) was in a bias way written article, which seems to be more like a commercial. Read on a Web how many corrections was published by Autodesk concerning the fact that they had kicked out hundreds of people from Alias. They really didin't wanted to be perceived as heartless gigant. The sense of the article from a marketing point of view was: "campany mostly renowned for its work in "photoreal-effects" field of CG Industry left software formerly perceived as a best tool for such a work... since modern times are coming." When I've read the article I wasn't angry, just sad because I loved to watch their commercials and I'm sure part of its quality comes from Houdini/RenderMan pair. But when Andy Hall has read the article He should be angry... as he was used to something out of his control. Was He? And, at the end, whole this issue isn't very important, you're right. Respect cheers, SYmek.
  17. No More H In A52 ???

    Does anybody should send d
  18. Why Would They Make The Graincop Do This

    thanks, never seen it, but some how I prefer old shake bench - since it's real life scenario . cheers, SYmek
  19. Netmantra

    sounds ineresing... any details? cheers., SY
  20. No More H In A52 ???

    Isn't it better for a young artist learn software he's sure he will get a job with then spend mouths and $ to learn Maya or SoftImage to get to the arc of employees ready-to-hire-ready-to-dismiss? But how to learn it? Does someone should produce REALLY advanced materials on DVD? Does anyone should take care about it? With Gnomon DVDs and other stuffs - there is no Maya field which looks misterious for anybody. Houdini is in general black hole of mistery. Shop leaves Houdini because it's hard to find freelance artist for a oneshot job, young artists don't care about Houdini because it's hard to learn and hard to predict place of new job.... almost closed circle. Only one is suitable to answer these questions: SESI. But maybe this is not their problem. Its comfortably to work for a view big companies. cheers, SYmek.
  21. Netmantra

    In SESI alfred script folder there is a README with explanation what to do to use mantra with alfred... although never tried it. cheers, SYmek.
  22. Why Would They Make The Graincop Do This

    it used to be on Nothing Real webside. I still got it somewhere, but not sure if I can put it somewhere online. I can send personally, if you want. It's 2K simple animation based on still images, nicely postprocesed, everything is separeted: ship, its aplha, shadow, sand, moon, cloulds, sky. Damn good school how from nothing (a few pictures) do something real (nothing real...).
  23. Why Would They Make The Graincop Do This

    Mates! You are so kind and gantle for your self and others! Like in heaven... Seriously, try Photoshop "film grain", Combustion "grain", AFX "grain" etc etc etc. You're right that things should behave like they should , But there are very little things in Houdini which don't do what they promise. On that field H. is the master and SESI is fanatic! Take old Shake benchmark scene with ship on a desert under the rising moon and try to reproduce it in above softwares. 5-12 times slower rendering or hang-out with memory overflow. No such problem in Halo. This is something! Or take realize 2 of Combustion with unusable different keyer (which can be recreated in Vex in minutes). Why all of them still remain compositing software? Because there are number of different field: compositors for TV job, for film production, for commerials, for motion design and purely for assistence to 3d artist. Of course limits inbetween are fuzzy, but what sense to expect from AFX bash support for better integration with Linux/Irix workstation..? (Still Afx is much more universal tool then Halo). cheers, SYmek
  24. I have such a technical challenge (maybe not so challenging): I'd like to add points or primitives in my geo. to some predefinied group during a shot (easy with number of tricks in H.) but then I'd like to count time/frames every point is in a group and then use it info to some purpose (first store it in point attrib as I suppose) just like $LIFE for particles but for geometry. Any idea how to achieve it? Borning particles on primitives after adding then to groups and use particles attrib for measuring time of belonging primitives to specified group? thanks for advice! SYmek.
  25. Time In Groups

    many thanks for detail reply! I'm about to find the answer . One think which bother me is that $FF variable will be calculated in every frame for whole group or geometry not ones for frame in which geo was added to group. I tried to do something like: 'if($timeInGroup=0, $FF, $timeInGroup)' in Primitive SOP/custom tab, but with no result, though this must be my stupid mistake . I thought I can bake geo on disk for every shot to keep correct value of variable in place. But it hard to call it ellegant way...