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  1. Houdini Dynamics Training Course

    yes, yes, yes! and I'm ready to pre-pay for it as many others I suppose, what doesn't change the truthfulness of mike statment that many materials from meetings or presentations should be available for download. This should be the rule of thumb... cheers, SYmek
  2. Shading Workflow Question

    thanks Mario! Now I know how to call my brand new idea How funny I am...
  3. Shading Workflow Question

    one thing which has came to me but I had never tried such approach: I wonder if you can setup your shader (inside VOPs) that it could use some additional attributes in geometry to completely switch over many surface property as it be different shader. Then in geometry you create these attributes (as "glass", "walls" etc etc), and by applying one shader you have shaded whole complicated geometry. I wouldn't recommend it in a big production because as I can imagine it can easily drive to messy situation, but in case of one big object, with many shaders, this could work better then applying many shaders to groups in SOP... I'm not sure of that, just an idea... you know... cheers, SYmek
  4. Shading Workflow Question

    maybe you should share some simpier version of your scene, because I don't get it. When you model objects, you propably always name some groups if they are important part of your object. In another case you just apply texture for whole geometry, am i right? If you have 30 obj in scene all in different shaders it is complicted scene! Open two windows (SHOP list and SOP/shader in tree view with filtering enabled) and make your work done! If you have many objects with the same shader, you can transert attributes from one "tamplete" objects to all other. Then, changing one shader obj, you will change all of them. (Attribute Copy SOP) As mentioned you can copy objects as many times as many passes you have and prepare different ROPs with object mask, or prepere different takes. On the other hand wouldn't be easier not to keep ALL object and passes in one hip file..? cheers, symek
  5. Problems With Fish Eye Lens

    but how to calculate correct geo distortion? idea sound interesting...
  6. Need To Make Ghosts

    hey! you need do it in 3d/vex only if you want rays to go across ghost so we can see him inside... otherwise just do it in composition playing around with alpha and luma key. This should give you good understanding of what you really need, and perhaps you do not need anything more. You can also flip surface normals and render second pass of ghost - inside view. Then mix these two layers in composition... and you have your ghost with both sides. See also fresnel effect. Rendering just fresnel pass for in and out faced surfaces should give you interesting results. and yes, xray is also goog point to start: is this shader just a playing around fresnel function or ancidence angle? cheers, SYmek.
  7. Problems With Fish Eye Lens

    Apprentice is a good reason to do it in 3D In normal case, as you know, lenses artifacts are the way to compose CG with reallife footage. You have much greater control on it in 2D. As to downgrading image quality - this is of course essential - I've never met situation in which I wasn't have to apply some filter on CG element to match it to real camera picture. Always little blurry... Again, it's just a: picture = mix(CG,Real) case. cheers, symek.
  8. Problems With Fish Eye Lens

    really sorry for trivialism, but what comes to my mind first is: stay away from such effects in rendering... I'm almost sure you know this but in case you don't... Do you need this for some special reason? Can't you do it in 2D? Or just render 1 reference frame and then mimic its curvature in post?
  9. Shading Workflow Question

    hi, peliosis, as to linking shaders beteen many objects, remember that you can reference also strings-line in tabs, not only numbers... To apply many shaders for multipass, you can use takes or in old scenario, just copy your objects on OBJ level and aply different shaders. Then make different ROP for every pass and pipe in a script to switch visibility flags or just choose objects&lights bunch for them. Actually I found that in case of more advanced miltipass/multishader setup, Houdini aproach is much, much easier to manage in then any other app. You just SEE your objects in different incarnation and you are not forced to dive in to deep settings. old SESI video on rendering in passes is still aplicable though we have takes nowadays.
  10. Water Drop Shader

    well water drop is just like a glass drop... I can't see any diff. If any exist you can correct it in composition. Water on small amount just refract/reflect light unless you don't think about foam.
  11. Clouds, I3d Artifacts

    how long does it take this render/i3d generation on your machine? Making a nice clouds is not a problem, making them fast... this is a chalange!
  12. Skeleton Out For Houdini?

    well... just little embarassed. I suppose it should me something more then such info, examples of usage... or quick intro to cgkit.bvh it self? Give me some time and tips:)
  13. Skeleton Out For Houdini?

    there was no big response for my questions but I've scaned a bit my issue and just want to mention to all those interested in import/export skeletons inside Houdini, that there is a module bvh in cgkit for Python, which reads, writes bhv files and define class for storing and manipulating rigs and channel data so it's almost trivial to menage/import/export your rig via python script. best, symek.
  14. hi there! I wonder if there is a way to figure out which object is a bone on current level in Houdini via hscript? Something like "isBone" function? thanks for any help, SYmek
  15. Isbone Functionality In Hscript

    o! thanks! I swear I've read it ones but couldn't realize this is what I'm looking for. S.
  16. Day After Tomorrow

    sorry, little of topic: one of you mentioned www.a52.com. I watch these guys for a long time and I'm so impressed by their work. Can anybody say something about them. As I understand form some press info, there are only view guys but gurus in Houdini, PRMan field. Are there on this forum, mayby some exclusine interview... ok, I know there are number of gurus here!
  17. Glass

    Hi, Peter! Send some example scene, maybe with test renders, since I don't understand exactly what goes wrong. Rendering glass is always kind of tricky, since it's depaneds on your composition what kind of alpha, opacity etc you need. SYmek
  18. Simple Ai Crowd Simulation

    Actually, I don't remember what I'm talking about . It was a long long time ago. I have on disk *.avi with rendered scene as described above. I have hip file with beginnig, I have folder with geometry (sequence of geo files) so I suppose there was the tutorial about using POPs in crowd simulation. But I can't find final scene... with particle engine I'll look around. Maybe somebody here remember where this is come from? I'm sure I havn't done it...
  19. Simple Ai Crowd Simulation

    As I remember, In old Houdini 5.0 (5.5?) examples there was such a scene: Crowd of animated simple characters run avoiding some obstacle... it's as usual... there is there from years... Merry Chrismas!
  20. Pythontohoudini

    funny... a week a go, I was wondering why docs about binding Python in Houdini have disapeared from H. help... (there was a chapter about python in H5.5 pdf). I thought that H. doesn't support Python in some strict way anymore... It would be shame! I know there are lots of script languages out there (and few on them right in Houdini), but Python is a really amazing stuff! It is so easy (yes, yes, I'm not a programmer ) and so powerful... There should be some deeper integration here, since Python is the easiest way to use scripts (or even programming) for someone like me - without computer science background. And there are most of us... For many years I've tried to learn coding basics - just for simply tasks. It was quite easy untill I had to write something . After few days diving in Python I could write anything I wanted before. Just like that...
  21. Brightest Point In Image

    yes, you're right!
  22. Brightest Point In Image

    no, no, I meant that function which gives you back a max or min value in some data, set, array (plate!) it is so common need that it should be implemented in VEX. Houdini must use such function all the time, for example in MPlay to automatic shift pixel for 0 to 1... I'm sure there is a way to get it .
  23. Brightest Point In Image

    thanks a lot, chops won't be right solution a suppose, but I will try, thanks a lot again! PS On the other hand there should be some ways to manage arrays or get some basic info from plates, shouldn't be?