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  1. Isbone Functionality In Hscript

    o! thanks! I swear I've read it ones but couldn't realize this is what I'm looking for. S.
  2. Day After Tomorrow

    sorry, little of topic: one of you mentioned www.a52.com. I watch these guys for a long time and I'm so impressed by their work. Can anybody say something about them. As I understand form some press info, there are only view guys but gurus in Houdini, PRMan field. Are there on this forum, mayby some exclusine interview... ok, I know there are number of gurus here!
  3. Glass

    Hi, Peter! Send some example scene, maybe with test renders, since I don't understand exactly what goes wrong. Rendering glass is always kind of tricky, since it's depaneds on your composition what kind of alpha, opacity etc you need. SYmek
  4. Simple Ai Crowd Simulation

    Actually, I don't remember what I'm talking about . It was a long long time ago. I have on disk *.avi with rendered scene as described above. I have hip file with beginnig, I have folder with geometry (sequence of geo files) so I suppose there was the tutorial about using POPs in crowd simulation. But I can't find final scene... with particle engine I'll look around. Maybe somebody here remember where this is come from? I'm sure I havn't done it...
  5. Simple Ai Crowd Simulation

    As I remember, In old Houdini 5.0 (5.5?) examples there was such a scene: Crowd of animated simple characters run avoiding some obstacle... it's as usual... there is there from years... Merry Chrismas!
  6. Pythontohoudini

    funny... a week a go, I was wondering why docs about binding Python in Houdini have disapeared from H. help... (there was a chapter about python in H5.5 pdf). I thought that H. doesn't support Python in some strict way anymore... It would be shame! I know there are lots of script languages out there (and few on them right in Houdini), but Python is a really amazing stuff! It is so easy (yes, yes, I'm not a programmer ) and so powerful... There should be some deeper integration here, since Python is the easiest way to use scripts (or even programming) for someone like me - without computer science background. And there are most of us... For many years I've tried to learn coding basics - just for simply tasks. It was quite easy untill I had to write something . After few days diving in Python I could write anything I wanted before. Just like that...
  7. Brightest Point In Image

    yes, you're right!
  8. Brightest Point In Image

    no, no, I meant that function which gives you back a max or min value in some data, set, array (plate!) it is so common need that it should be implemented in VEX. Houdini must use such function all the time, for example in MPlay to automatic shift pixel for 0 to 1... I'm sure there is a way to get it .
  9. Brightest Point In Image

    thanks a lot, chops won't be right solution a suppose, but I will try, thanks a lot again! PS On the other hand there should be some ways to manage arrays or get some basic info from plates, shouldn't be?