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  1. Show reel_open to trade skill

    Hi everyone, New to Houdini and this is my first reel and would be more then happy to trade skill and learn from each other! Used Maya and some Houdini also Nuke to composite. I know that all you guys time are limited too, so enable to let me help you guys is I am welling to make entire tutorial and start from scratch and share with you guys. This tutorial will cover start from making Houdini model pre-fracture it, importing to Maya ( Simple Trick), Using some dynamic engine to calculate the Rigid body simulation, then emit particle based on impact and have it to rotate and to have dif size of particles. Then how to instance it. Finally emit smoke based on the trails that we ask it to go to. Last to composite it in to Nuke. I am interested in how to emit particles when it fracture in Houdini(11) Rigid Body Dynamic, also how to emit smoke with particles. (Details needed) Thank you for all your time and I believe that we all need to learn from each other and to become a better artist. Best, W
  2. Show reel_open to trade skill

    result, forgotten to post it.
  3. Hi Everyone, New to Houdini. I have done some research and most of the people who have the same question ending up getting files but don't know how to work. Now that i hope to post a question and to get solution for me and others as well. Thanks for all who are welling to create a file and to explain. I would like to create a geo with pre-fractured ( with Voronoi) object and make it a Rigid Body Simulation. The question is I would like to have where the cracking parts to emit particles. I do have a file in hand and don't know how that works. If you would like to read this file and simply answer my question that will be perfect!!! however, if you wish to start a new file with good details that will be very much appreciated. Best, W
  4. Hi everyone, After doing lots of research I have decided to start using Houdini for the fracturing effect. Since i'm new to it could any body answer my question here? This is what I did. I use "scatter", "voronoi fracture point" and " voronoi fracture" those nodes to pre fracture obj. But to get more interesting effect, I would like to apply some "glue"/ "constrain" on it so it won't fracture unless I tell it to. ( is there any why I can do that?/ or making a switch for that. if so, please point me in the right direction) Secondly, this is more like a question that happens in the movie Inception. Where the debris or the pre-fractured chunks pops out, and fracture on its own again in the air. In the research I believe that some one mentioning about a threshold thing that you could tell some pieces to "glue" together, and once its pass on to a certain point it will do its job again to fracture. ( which is the secondary fracturing technique) Thanks for reading it through, hope we can all learn from each other.
  5. Hi guys, This is William here, currently working on a project. Where I have to fracture stuff and blow it up. I have never work with Houdini before but manage to use basic scatter node and voronoi fracture node to fracture the simple box ( for the test). This Box, I model in Maya export out as FBX and bring in to Houdini, fractured it, save as obj and bring it back to MAYA. Everything works. But here is a question why when I bring it back into Maya I apply a field on it to blow it up, when the geos are fracturing, I can see inside the geo is empty... Here are some pictures... Please help here. i'm guessing the things are freaking me out is when i'm done fracturing in Houdini I've applied a exploview node on it. everything was solid, but when I'm back into maya, things are like that, please see the pictures that I screen captured. Thanks for all your time reading it through, hopefully we can all learn from each other. William
  6. I see where you going with this, you think I have the outside exported but not the inside. ( since I wasn't doing Rop network node). I see, i'm going to do some test tonight, and let you know if Rop works for me or not. Now I got what you mean, you thinks its empty its because I don't have it save correctly. I will try it and let you know, hopefully we both learn from each other. Thanks man Best William
  7. Hi Ehsan Parizi, Thanks again for the professional opinion and fast reply. SO the correct way to export the geo is basically writing a ROP network node. But here is my question, if you look at my geo in Maya everything inside is empty, is because I have to check the connect inside face or edge in the Voronoi fracture node? ( when I was in Houdini apply a exloview node on it to check my geo it was all solid. You know what I'm saying? Current goal is trying to get a prefectured geo from houdini and work in maya but trying to get a solid geo. not just faces and inside all empty you know? Thanks for your fast reply and time. Much appreciated. Best William
  8. HI, Ehsan Parizi Thanks a lot for your reply, since I'm fairly new to Houdini (few days). Could you possibly give me a hand on how you would do in this situation? Not quite sure what ROP output driver you were mentioning. If you don't have time I guess picture will be also a lot of help, I will try read from pictures. Thanks!! Best William
  9. Hi, Ehsan Parizi Thanks for your reply. This tow picture here are how I'm fracturing the geo and how I'm saving it out as obj and bringing to MAYA. did I miss something at all? Or I possibly missed some option in Voronoi fracture node, _____ like "create inside surface", and "connect inside edges", etc. Best William