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  1. Fracture by FLIP Fluid

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to break a fractured object by FLIP Fluid but I'm missing something. I've got a Box shattered with RBD Fractured Object and Glue Adjacent, than I have a Sphere FLIP Fluid going straight to the Box but when the particles touch the Box they are not strong enough to break the pieces of the box. Should I play with the mass of the particles or something like that? Any idea? Thanks, Davide
  2. Freelance daily rate

    Hi everyone, I'm a Houdini FX Artist with 4/5 years experience and I've always worked in Italy, inside companies. Now I'm in London working as freelance and some of the studios asked me which one is my daily rate. Can someone help me to understand how much should I ask for? Thanks
  3. Ocean Eval Displacement in SHOPs

    Hi guys, I'd like to ask you, is it possible to add another Ocean_Eval inside the VOP network? I looked into "equivalent_geos.hip" and with the shader included is possible to render the exact displacement of the SOP network, but what if I have two oceans in my SOP? Thanks
  4. Freelance daily rate

    Thanks for the answers guys. I also added you on my LinkedIn Akabane