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  1. Has anyone successfully installed the Houdini Engine on older versions of unreal? I am locked into Unreal Engine 2.24 to use the Carla Autonomous Driving Simulator with UE4. We are locked into this Unreal version until the Carla team updates to a current version. I have tried a few versions of Houdini Core to try to find matching versions on sideFX gitHub repo. The prebuilt versions will load into UE4 as a typical plugin but have no functionality or parameters when I bring in an otl. The otls is not the issue, i have tried a few from orbolt and I cannot sync to my version of Houdini. I have tried to build an older version from source and receive non descript errors while using runUAT.bat - following this tutorial: Any input or links to other resources would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Slow Displacement calculations

    I discovered that when mantra is dicing the geometry for displacement the process is single threaded, hope this changes in twelve, Thanks Skymek, having a grid with less subdivisions would work, for the scene I am using this shader on is pretty dense and thats what the grid was representing, I have tweaked my displacement bounds down to get me managable render times.
  3. Slow Displacement calculations

    I am trying to optimize a scene I have been working on and am running into trouble while calulating my dispalcement map, its seems that only 1-core (i have 8) is being use while the displacement is being calulated. After the displacement is finished being calulated all 8 cores run as they should. I am using a custom procedural shader to generate the displacement. I have tried this in Windows / Linux and get the same result. I am hopeing there is a check box somewher I am missing or just the knowledge that its just the way things are. Here is an example file that uses a similar shader and has the same issue, everything renders fine I just feel there has got to be a faster way to generate my displacement. Any help is appreciated. displacement_issue.hipnc