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  1. HI! Any success? Having the same question with the same carved line here
  2. roads HDA

    Hi all! Have a question that i know have already been asked (or similar, like this post: https://forums.odforce.net/topic/9227-handles-in-digital-asset/) but... yes, i didn't find any answer! So, i will have to make an HDA that will be used in maya, and/or unity, to make simple roads. Curves will be the input geo to build the roads. I would like to be able to edit the bank and the width of the roads, but it would be great to have the asset to "build" some handles, or manipulators, at a user-defined interval on the curve... I mean, i pretend to copy lines perpendiculars to the input curve at each point of that curve, then rotate them using the tangentu axis (thanks polyframe) of the curve's points for banking, and scale them in length for width... (Then, later, using surface nodes to create mesh..) But... For now, on a quick version, i'm tweaking those datas with two ramps, mapping them by the curveU... It kind of works, but as my ramps from 0 to 1 represents the entire length of the road's curve, the longer the road, the harder to make detailed tweaks... So, i was thinking it would be great to make my asset "creates" let's say circles at each 10 meters of my curve, aligned with the road, and beeing able to rotate/scale those circles to shape my road... But is it even possible? I guess in houdini i could have a script in my hou.module() that create and orient circles at object level, then connect them to my curve's points attributes, but would it work in houdini engine? And to start simple... would it works in houdini?? Or have anyone of you guys another idea? I've also seen that the new python viewer states could be a way to go, but apart from the fact that it seems to be way beyond my knowledges, i also don't know if that would work in houdini engine (for maya...) (what i am refering to here: https://forums.odforce.net/topic/40243-bezier-handle-state/) (I made another test with a paint sop, then in unity i was able to paint my bank and width attributes, but it's really hard to refine the shape that way, and anyway, each time i was painting a stroke in unity, the whole "deformation" that my HDA was cooking was disappearing and i had to recook the entire HDA after each stroke...) Thanks for your time, hope someone can help..!
  3. Wire constrained to two objects

    Wow, thanks so much! I mean... SO much It all makes sense now
  4. Wire constrained to two objects

    Hi! Having some problem here with wires eheh. I'm struggling for some time now to achieve something that first seemed so simple, but i'm really lost now! I'm animating an old style phone, with a cable quite rigid, and i just want to constrain one end to the phone (animated) and the other end to the base (fixed). I have it half working, but i can't figure out how to keep the cable semi-rigid... It just "break" were the wire points are constrained. And want the cable to "leave" the base nearly rigid, then deform, and be rigid again when joining the phone... Keeping the base and phone's orientations... (hope it makes sense, sorry for my english) I've search a lot, read and downloaded examples from tokeru wiki, tested all the constraints, but i must be missing something important... It works perfectly with gluetoanimation when one end is contrained and the other is free, but as soon as i try to make the base's end to be also constrained, it doesn't works... Does anyone have some kind of directions? (You can see in the attached video that the base is "breaking" while the other end seems good...) tel_cable.mp4
  5. Hi everyone, I've search here for an answer, but with no luck, so here is my problem. (And thanks for anyone reading and yet more for anyone that could help me!) In the attached video, you can see that some packs of grains choosed to not behave as the others... Some pack are going up ignoring gravity, and some others, worst, seems to be thinking "oh, let's stop going that way and let's go straight in another random direction"... Of course i'm just discovering grains, but after one week trying all kind of setups/parameters values, i'm really lost! This test was done by the shelf, with "wet sand", and i've only changed a few parameters: - min/max substeps in pop solver to 20 (and just 1 for the main popnetwork substeps). - constraint iterations to 60 in the pop grains (my grains are stacked in about 50 layers). - scale kinematic set to 1 - clumping weight: 2 - clumping stifness: 20 - use openCL: on - my monster and ground are bullet colliders set to concave and no bounce. The rest are default. Does anyone by any chance have any kind of idea? Thanks a lot for your time, and really, sorry if that was asked before, but i really didn't find it... grains.mov
  6. RBD Packed Object - Glue + Gravity + Constrain

    Sorry for the delay, i'm sure you resolved this already. I'm working for the firt time with bullet, and from the little i understood, you could just add an "active" attribute on the "border" pieces of your wall (as they are packed, each piece is just a point right?), and set this active attribute to 0; So they will stay in place, but as they are still glued to the other pieces, all your wall should stay in place.
  7. Microsolvers masking

    Hi! Does anyone knows if it's possible to mask a microsolver by some custom field? (i'm sure it is!) Say i have a smoke expanding in a room, and a turbulence microsolver, and i want to make the turbulence smoothly stops when the smoke hits the walls, is there a way to do it? I was thinking in building a SDF from the walls, but don't find how i could mask the turbulence microsolver with it..! Thanks a lot if anyone have some direction.
  8. Custom smoke vortex

    Hi again, So, i've plugged my gasFieldVop after my source volume, instead of pugging it with the other velocity update nodes, and now it's working like a charm... But, I still would really like to understand what's the difference is! The way i built my vop, i though no matter what is happening, it would compute my vel and make it the new vel... :s
  9. Custom smoke vortex

    Hi! I'm trying to make a custom vortex force from gasFieldVop in a dopnetwork. I'm nearly successful, but no matter what, i can't change the center of my vortex... I'm getting the P value and substracting from it a constant vector, which should be my vortex's center position (those two values are first set to 0 in Y), then i use this vector in two parts: - one for the tangential force, by a cross product with an (0,1,0) vector - and itself for a "spread" from center force. But no matter what i put in my custom constant center, it seems the vortex always use the center of my volume... I've tried to change the P value with a transform node, but i'm not quite used to it so maybe it have nothing to do with that... Does anyone knows what could be wrong? Thanks a lot if anyone can help!
  10. skinShader problem when changing resolution

    Sorry.... really, I just happen to lower the refraction samples and forgot to set them back... Don't know how to delete a thread, so feel free, admin, to do so. My bad again.
  11. Hi! I have a surely stupid question, but i can't find any answer... I was setting my shaders and rendering in hd1080, but i wanted to render a sequence in hd720, and my sss shader "broked" (it seems)... On the pic you can see what i mean, on the leftside is the "working" shader, and on the right side what happened only by changing my camera resolution... I'm using an skinShader, and have plugged a custom multiplier on all the density field of each sss layers, and that's all... I tried to look at other sss nodes (but didn't understood a thing!!) and in the surfaceModel node i can't find how to make the sss works, so it's why i was using the skinShader... Does by any chance anyone knows what it could be? Thanks a lot in advance!
  12. Hi! Copying here a post i've posted in the sideFX forum... Hi,Sorry if it was asked, but didn't find an answer, so as the title says, i'm having trouble selecting the controlers of a character rig i've done, especifically the ones that i did with a custom control type, in the misc tab of the null…Normally when i hover the cursor over something in the viewport, that thing get highlighted and just clicking on it made it selected…But with those controlers neither are they being highlighted nor am i able to click-select them.BUT, i can select them by draging a box, lasso or brush-select them… So it's kind of strange!I'm trying to make rig/anim/render in houdini to learn it, and animation was the part i was anticipating the most, but it will be a bad experience having to box-select the controlers each time!Does anyone have an idea?Thanks a lot in advance!
  13. Hi Ryan, and thank you! The link you gave me seems a bit difficult for my knowledge!! Riiight..! Ahah. Until now i did more or less what you said, about "doing the string as a wire and constraining the rbd (bullet) objects to them", and it's quite working, but i had to loose what i planed about the design, which was to have the pieces not so tight and having them of different size. For know, they are tighten and roughly the same size, which is my wire collision width... I guess i will go on with it the way it is, but i was wondering how to make it so it could collide wire/pieces, wire/wire and pieces/pieces in a same sim... I hope to get to a point in a near future where i would be able to resolve this, and understand that quote here!! (i understood the logic, but that's all!). Thanks again anyway! testNecklace.mov
  14. Hi all, First, sorry if i missed something, but i made a search and didn't find anything related to my problem, neither here nor with google... I'm sure i'm bad at searching, because it must be a common thing to do! So here is my problem: I'm looking for a good solution to make this necklace dynamic..! I was thinking bullet and wires, but (if it's a good solution) i wasn't able to find how to make the lace a wire, the pieces bullets, and all those things interacting... Until now i have just made the string a wire, and attached the pieces to it with a copy node and some stamps to randomize it. I've made the wire width equal to the width of the biggest pieces, so when it collide with itself it fakes a collision, which kind of works i guess, but i was wondering how to make it a realistic necklace... So does anyone know where i should look, or perhaps tell me that i'm looking in the wrong direction and there is something much more simple? Any kind of help or direction is really appreciated, as much appreciated as i am lost in fact!! Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi all, I search here and on google first but didn't find anything, so sorry if i missed something... (and i'm a real newbie in houdini and in render, so it didn't help !) I'm trying to render the Zdepth of a smoke i did, with mantra PBR. It kind of works when i uncheck Stochastic Transparency, because with it checked, it's full of white dots and artifacts. I saw on an other post that i should use DCM, but i am trying to see if there is a way out to render it that way, as it seems to nearly work... But there is one thing annoying me : my container is being rendered (as shown in the attached file). If someone can enlighten me, i would highly appreciate, cause i'm really lost ! One other thing i saw is that it seems that in the Zdepth pass, the voxels are rendered flat (or full colored ?) and so there is this voxel pattern i don't see in the color pass. Is it normal ? Thanks for you time, and thanks a lot if somenone can answer me.