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  1. Add Hard Constraint between two particles !

    any suggestion !?
  2. Hi does anyone know how can I add a hard constraint between two or more particles ? exactly like RBD objects but it should be work for POP solver. I prefer do this via custom VEX codes for manipulating P or V. Thanks S
  3. How I can download Orbolt's assets !?

    Really Thanks Guys My Houdini's version is 12.0.683 and this is my problem ! I should Install Houdini 12.1. Thanks for your help
  4. To use $MAPU you should append UVTexture SOP to your network ! curve.hipnc
  5. Hi I can't download any assets from www.orbolt.com. I sign in with my Sidefx's Accouant and when I click on Download to get specify Digital asset from www.orbolt.com I get below error : ( The address wasn't understood Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (orbolt) isn't associated with any program. You might need to install other software to open this address. ) I check it on FireFox, chrome,IE but I get error again !
  6. Houdini12 Cloth Problem !

    Really thanks eric
  7. You can use point Clouds ! Resample your Web's curve to make too many point near together. put center point in group for example Group1. use point clouds and dop network to put neighbor points in the group1 in each frame. delete points except group's points. for learn to use point cloud see cmiVFX tips and tricks 4 tutorial .
  8. Hi I created a simple Cloth in houdini 11 to simulate simple crash. I used pintoanimation attribute to switch between keyframe animation and dynamic animation. In Houdini 11 every things are correct but in Houdini 12 I think pintoanimation dose not work ! Because Cloth system changed in Houdini 12 ! How I can use pintoanimation attribute to switch between keyframe animation and dynamic animation in Houdini 12 ? SimpleCrash.hip
  9. Pyro Material Displacement Problem !

    really thanks my friend
  10. Pyro Material Displacement Problem !

    thanks my friend. but do tou know how I can create normals for pyro ?
  11. hello to every one I want assign Displacement to high res Pyro . I active rest field in the pyro solver. set Displacement's Parameters in the Shader and enable displacements in shading tab. but when I render scene pyro does't has any Displacement effect ! I don't know why ! please check my scene thanks Smile PyroDisplacement.hip
  12. Problem With Scatter Node !

    Thanks all my friends I can solve this problem with your helps thanks ehsan parizi for your scene.
  13. Hi I created a path and use a custom node to growth a surface along path in every frame. I scattered some points on the surface but I want do something to fix position of the scattered point's on the surface ! I turn off "Scatter Based On Primitive Area" on the scatter Node . but only when I set "Point per Area" to 1.0 the point's has fixed position and if I set this parameter to less than 1.0 the points has random position in every frame. How I can fix this problem ? you can download my scene file. thanks ScatterNode.hip
  14. Hi I created a coin in the houdini.assign Mantra Surface Material(with Light & Object Reflection) to it. I created a Mantra Node (Pixel Samples : 6 6 and image Size 1280 * 720 ) . but when I render the scene , Houdini Render some frames (for example 1 to 10 ) and after frame 10 Mantra Node Stoped with error. when I take Mantra Node Info by MMB click on it I take below error : Error : Command Exit Code : -1073741819 Why ?
  15. Houdini 12 - First Time

    maybe your temp Dir is full !