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  1. hey guys, I am having some kind of issue when I have my object selected in obj mode I don't quit see in in my view port, I tried the display geometry options & display options but its not helping it.. I added a jpg perhaps u would like to take a look at it. thank you.
  2. houdini 12 interface issue

    aha I guess you are right! I did what you say And it works now, I may consider updating my video card software as well, thank you guys very helpful
  3. houdini 12 interface issue

    yes it does! I changed the settings and played with options but its not helping it.. someone else an idea?
  4. hey guys, I was thinking moving to Hollywood L.A work and live there. you guys have any recommendations or opinions
  5. Living and working in U.S

    ton of information..thank you pclaes
  6. Creating simple tornado motion using pointcloud

    can I ask why do I get nothing when I render scene v.2?
  7. yes please more houdini tutorials!!
  8. kind of render queue

    I just test it..it is making a batch script but when it is done I click on it and the only think i see is a very fast black command prompt popos out and it goes away!? what I am doing wrong?
  9. gefeliciteerd man..

  10. Nick Goes to London

    well done Nick!! keep it up gozer... let us know how it goes I think u can still work on the dark knight rises if u have the luck!! that would be very cool!!
  11. Tornado R&D

    Look very cool!! perhaps a quick making of will be great!! thank you