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  1. did you ever get this to work with points? I can only get it to work with primitive groups
  2. Burn vs Fuel

    hi dolexd, it is a bit confusing as it seems a lot of parts have changed. there are some sections of the docs that describe the changes, but it can be confusing as a lot of the tutorials that exist were created at different points in time and use previous/legacy setups/terminology. here is a good doc that helps illustrate the difference between fuel and burn: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/pyro/differences.html cheers z
  3. Houdini Raytracer in VOPS

    that is such a phenomenal idea, great job!
  4. Object Mask passes

    hey jordan, take a look at the attached cobbled together example where the matte* parameters are declared in the shader (up to matte04). probably not best to put the id on the point attrib, but it was the fastest to get the example going. procedurally changing parameter names on the fly might work, but i think declaring your spare parameters in the shader is much easier and, as far as i know, doesn't negatively affect performance in any significant way. you only export the planes you use. it would be cool to see a procedural method, though. matteID.hipnc
  5. Object Mask passes

    hey hey, good to hear from you billy. it is exactly as tomas describes, the mask of the object_id pass exactly matches the alpha if you were to render everything else matte shaded. the overlapping filtered border is where the line manifests itself. granted, it is only very noticeable if you push it in comp to the point where you would probably be best re-rendering anyways. certainly easier and faster than creating a bunch of passes with each object matted by the others.
  6. Object Mask passes

    ah thanks, i made the example in haste and didn't change the defaults. don't understand the <1 value for gaussian, it is 1 for catmull-rom. nice example, can do a lot with local material overrides if you can accomplish everything with the single shader. it's true, the object_id pass does have the same filtering, but for overlapping objects I find that it is still a problem. exactly what i'm doing, just using the object_id color pass as a mask for grade/colorcorrect, etc, but I still get an edge when it overlaps objects. tried to get rid of it and I can't figure it out. Granted I'm really pushing the gain it to expose the problem, so it works for most adjustments, the results are just never as good for me as rendering out each object with others as matte shaded and using disjoint-over in nuke. It definitely works for most purposes though and it is very straightforward.
  7. Object Mask passes

    hi Jordan, perhaps a simple solution would be to just have the extra Matte0# parameters in the shader by default? you may not use all of them, but it saves you from having to add new parameters in the shader, just need to add the image plane exports in the rop if you used them.
  8. Object Mask passes

    with no aa filtering it works great, so i've always just assumed it was the filtering...
  9. Object Mask passes

    hey hey tomas, good to hear from you dude, thanks for the advice. yes, i've done this before, and it worked great for non-overlapping objects, but i always had an edge problem with overlapping objects. Tried different pixel filters and unpremulting, shuffling, etc. Could be I just don't know how to composite/use as a mask correctly Also, my export plane (i called it tag) has an alpha of 0.998 which is due to the gaussian filtering, but I'm not sure why. Af pass as well. Normally I render out individual objects with matte shading and composite the renders id_pass.hipnc
  10. Object Mask passes

    how would you go about doing this in your own custom shader? I've always wondered about the object ID pass workflow for overlapping objects. The lack of antialiasing seems to make it useless, but maybe I'm missing something.
  11. a new account was just to test, but won't solve much it's true, can't argue with that logic. Actually I just noticed that every post before September is marked as read regardless of the filter, so it seems like it wouldn't help anyway. Too bad, was nice to know what had already been read. thanks
  12. yes, this is exactly the behavior now, it only shows new posts since around the 28th of September. When I select "past year" it shows a lot of posts with blue unread circles, so I guess maybe something is wrong with my account. Will try creating a new one to see if that fixes anything. Thanks Marc
  13. CHOPs driven VOPSOP deformations

    hi dan, have you taken a look at this series on deformation with chops on sidefx.com? We used this as a starting point on a project involving audio driven deformation via chops for a project. could be helpful if you haven't taken a look already. Also there is a great book on chops and music/audio interaction from andrew lowell. good luck
  14. New site looks really great, but I can't figure out something that was very useful in the old site. When I clicked on the New Content page and selected content I have not red in the old site it displayed every topic that I had never read from the beginning of the site. Now it seems that it is only displaying unread content from when the !!site switched to the new format. Is this intentional or not? Perhaps the behavior or date can be modified in the preferences, but so far I haven't been able to figure it out. The other time period options work well enough, but it was great to have all of the unread posts collected together and all other content hidden. If anyone knows how to revert back to this behavior in the new format please let me know. thanks!
  15. ifd.gz compressing

    i suppose: gunzip -cd name.ifd.gz | mantra will work just fine