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  1. yep Solrias is broken.. you instance some books and win bottle for descend instancing it not working well... try it for some weeks, fill bug reports and gave up. Solaris is not ready for Lighting / Rendering...
  2. move the arnold lines after the redshift one... may help
  3. https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/houdini-165-masterclass-opencl/
  4. you create sop solver and use inside use openCL wrangle nodes. --> pop sim are basicly wrapped solver solvers.
  5. the color jitter node from Arnold comes in very handy for shader variations with the instancer. no need to create extra attributes.
  6. and now going trying use the new buggenerator .. ahh solaris if hot crashing its failry easy to setup, i have to see how i can pass add sahder variation to the instancer.... it an arnold render:
  7. rendered with arnold GPU, 1 beauty pass straight out of the renderer
  8. shaders complies only a the beginning... you need promote the parameter one level up and drive it with keyframe /animation.... like point vop's...
  9. wrong pyhton version.... you are using houdini python3 and arnold-plugin-pyhton2 or the other way around... you install both the python2 or python3 version...
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