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  1. Color jitter Arnold

    what's an "arnold color jitter" node ?
  2. there and back again, a Render Journey

    older scene. Houdini openGL rop 4 sec a frame in 4k and DOF. Arnold and Mantra took both 2-3 minutes to render it in 4k.
  3. last i did manual instances in blender. loading geo "unpacked"and create instance duplicates in blender. the scene was light weight. anyway cycles does not support directly alembics., it needs conversion before it renders. but branches of blender/cycles already in the works. you also can try pro-render, its has plugin for Houdini and fast rasterize rendering for previz
  4. there and back again, a Render Journey

    yeah, I've heard they back from the dead. its looks great so far, currently i can't beat Renderman. plus its beta, I had issues with portrait camera format. image below is with 3delight, clock in 4:20 min
  5. thats right, but using standart names helps a lot, less names mapping and better for osl shader writing
  6. "Cd" only exists in Houdini, the rest of the world uses the "standart" naming. drop an attr rename node, in renderman tab turn on "Add Default mappings", export it. Renderman,Arnold, Cycle etc. should be able to pick up Cs (aka Cd in houdini). you can check name correction the details spreadsheet.
  7. there and back again, a Render Journey

    test with previs Scene but with Blender realtime Eevee render. 2 million polygons. 10-20 fps on RTX 5000. (live viewport below) the offline rendering took 3 seconds not sure what is causes, probably loading time houdini openGL rendering: the prman 2-minute rendering for comparison : Realtime engines are on the rise! I will keep an eye on this!
  8. there and back again, a Render Journey

    I've tested RenderMan with spline rendering. it's much faster compared with baked Geometry. the spline primitives are very good in Renderman. I've stopped the test with mantra after 10 minutes, it is super slow even with optimized render settings. the Renderman images rendered for 3:20 on a 6 core Xeon 2.7ghz with pxr pathtracer. 4k resolution geometry: splines primitives: rendering splines directly saves a lot disk space and meshing time. interactive rendering was super responsive. Octane 2019.2 renderings is very fast, I've used the geo to render it. 2 minutes, as except its lot faster the CPU renderings. the spline rendering in octane does features custom width yet. Octane gives physical correct shading out of the box. Renderman the shading is extreme flexible with NPR renderings, which is hard to get in Octane. the IPR responsibility was a little slow with shader tweaks.
  9. meshing fractals

    3d flame rendered with renderman23 rendered with octane
  10. Does Karma only work with BSDFs?

    Karma and Lops is beta/ alpha state and not recommend from sidefx to use it in production. https://www.sidefx.com/faq/karma/ there are a lots of limitation and i guess, it will change a lot in upcoming releases.
  11. there and back again, a Render Journey

    rendered with Arnold in Houdini. I've tried the atmosphere volumes the first time. easy to setup. The render time was quite slow on the volumes, typically for volumes, but much faster then render the screen envr with VDB cloud. I've used a mesh light for inner character illumination. it's a shame I could not use Arnold 6 GPU, because of its missing atmosphere and meshlight features. Volumes would boost get a huge speed boost with volume raymarching on a GPU. I had to use a denoiser from Affinity Photo in dark areas. with Arnold 6 GPU it does not drop any errors, you have to wait 1-2 minutes if data is loaded to GPU and starts the rendering or not. even a wrong file pass to an Hdri image makes Arnold GPU drop out, you sitting and wait in front of a black screen and don't know if it will render or not.
  12. Nature fun

    cool, whats your rendertime on this ?
  13. Volume Displacement Houdini using Mantra and/or Arnold

    you can do this easily in Arnold or Octane. Rohan shows it in this video. (octane works much better then arnold gpu)
  14. there and back again, a Render Journey

    Renderman 23 CPU vs Arnold 6 GPU with 2 minutes time limit. Renderman 23 CPU Arnold 6 GPU the reflection differences come from normals, Arnold calculates it's on normals, Renderman took the normals from the Geometry. i've tried with Karma but i had issues and crashes with it.