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  1. Sand blowing over sand dunes

    if you wanna learn more The physics of wind-blown sand and dust "
  2. meshing fractals

    i am playing more with Vex right now: Vex Code: float resX = 600; float resY = 600; float deltaD = 0.5; int numVert = 3; float pi = 3.1415922653; float rotOffset = pi / 6.0; vector pos= {0,0,0}; float cx = (resX/2.0)*cos((2*pi/numVert) + rotOffset) + (resX /2); float cy = (resY/2.0)*sin((2*pi/numVert) + rotOffset) + (resY /2); int iter = chf("iteration"); for(int i=0; i<(iter+15); i++) { int num = int(((rand(i)*32767) % numVert) +1); float xVert = (resX/2) * cos((2*pi*num / numVert) + rotOffset) + (resX/2); float yVert = (resY/2) * sin((2*pi*num / numVert) + rotOffset) + (resY/2); cx += deltaD * (xVert - cx); cy += deltaD * (yVert - cy); if(i>15) { pos.x = cx; pos.y = cy; addpoint( 0, pos ); } }
  3. meshing fractals

    a little coding exeriece with openCL
  4. meshing fractals

    testing keyshot: 24 million polygons in keyshot on my macbook : fractals instanes.... 1.4 billion polygon's. thats the limit for my 16GB macbook with Thearender
  5. meshing fractals

    testing new renderer, indigo render.... one hell of a renderer:
  6. OpenCL and multiple GPU's

    didn't work under houdini 16, at least on my system at the time.
  7. meshing fractals

    arnold spline. rendering.... its pretty fast on my macbook . 5 minutes
  8. Space Suit

    well done !
  9. meshing fractals

    tying get get fast spline rendering going in renderman
  10. meshing fractals

    testiung renderman
  11. meshing fractals

    rendered in thea
  12. meshing fractals

    i am start build my setup's into tools.... start with a grid affector
  13. amd dup pro (2x 9100 gou on on card) its like 2x 1080s
  14. Not all CPUs can drive 4 GPUs at full PCIe x16 speed. CPUs have a feature called "PCIe lanes" which describes how fast data can be communicated between the CPU and the GPU. Some CPUs have fewer PCIe lanes than others. For example, the Core i7-5820K 3.3GHz has 28 PCIe lanes while the i7-5930K 3.5GHz has 40 PCIe lanes. This means the 5930K can drive more GPUs and at higher speeds opencl runs all cards and cpu's. not houdini opencl but if have renderer like porrender it renders on everything. you even can mix nividai and amd. why not get the AMD dual pro, 2x 16MB 2X GPU on one card for houdini openGL and hodini-OpenCL for sims and nividia20170 for cuda renderers. 2 cards for 3 jobs.