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  1. meshing fractals

  2. meshing fractals

  3. meshing fractals

  4. meshing fractals

  5. meshing fractals

  6. meshing fractals

  7. meshing fractals

  8. meshing fractals

  9. meshing fractals

  10. Corona Render

    as user --> it does matter. what technics are used. important is speed, quality and easy setup..... even if it written blitzbasic.... there so many pathtracer outside there most of them in alpha or beta. most a lack of important feature. so far furryball is only one, which can be called "production" ready. look each student writes he own tracer engine. lets see which ones turns out as "useful". so far i like furryball, octane and blender's cycles. cycles is less realistic but really nice look. waiting for sombody make houdini integration for cycles....
  11. Corona Render

    the corona render is kinda slow compared to modo or vray..... for the in door stuff
  12. you have feed the velocity into matrix, get inverted camera matrix and multiply it with the velocity. the write the result into color and render it.
  13. Spaceship engine

    pretty cool ! the blue glow stuff doesn not work with warm lighting.... yep, houdini need some gpu-renderer to make speed things up like occlusions.
  14. why try fracture the whole building ? fracture the wall individual --> problem solved
  15. Dynamic retiming of volume simulation

    retiming fluids is always complicated. speeding fluids up is much more easier. for slowing you need complex calculation to get proper "inbetween" frames. slowing down just with simple linear interpolation--> you will get stepping / wired motion. in one of my last production we had 2 different method/tools for slowing fluids down. its takes extra calucation time, it was always limited and/or losing a lot of resolution.
  16. seaplane landing

    pretty cool !