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  1. Fluid Sim, Higher Resolution?

    for flip particles you need a voxel grid for calculation, otherwise you just could regular particles.
  2. Fluid Sim, Higher Resolution?

    32GB is more then enough for this kind of sim's..... i had 200million particle with 32GB without problems. its about how to plan your simulation. first things, i plan the efficiency of the flip container. most setup i see, they huge fliptank where 80-90% is emty and not used --> it still used full ram and calculation power --> 90% waste of Ram. slicing up container and transfers the flip particles is faster, efficient and you pump in more resolution, that's one way to optimize simulations.
  3. fractal landscapes

    i am starting to experiment with fractal landscapes. first try: golden Forest *rendered with Thea render
  4. fractal landscapes

    render instance test in thea render : Polys: 133384942782, Objects: 16540
  5. meshing fractals

    i put all stuff from 2016 together: http://heribertraab.com/2016/12/30/fractals-2016/
  6. meshing fractals

    wrapping up stuff from last year:
  7. AMD Vega

    , virtual memory and network mapping sounds like it touches on cloud rendering or offline rendering:
  8. Lava

    nice sims and color....
  9. Artistic Control vs Entirely Dynamic?

    like famous director on well know movie told me once: " make it awesome !"... thats only rule ! superheros does not respect phycially correct dyanmics. even "non vfx" movies, they extra lamps and light-reflectors to light faces of Actor's. if complect dynamics or totally artistic crafted --> want ever get shot done ! "correct" simulation is tool on the way to make it look cool ! if have lots shots, you want keep workflow as porcedural as possible in case you do changes through all the shots.
  10. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    keyshot is unbeatable for product design... anyway, Thea is great ! fastest render on my machine, its starting to become my favorite renderer.....
  11. meshing fractals

    thanks guys ! my quest " looking for the best render engine" i done --> i am prepare little Tutorial right now.... @stickman properly good idea... i should start to look into 3d printing !
  12. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    did look into Keyshot ? the fastest of CPU renderer out there ... it can take billions of polygon's and render fast... , its limitied but its design for product design's. awesome hdri editor and keyshot 7 will support animated alembics.
  13. face meshing

    i am already get tired of it... right now, i am trying to use the "houdini spahetti magic" to create animated "Eyvind Earle" landscapes...
  14. in my days.... schools was only useful for making connections.....
  15. face meshing

  16. face meshing

  17. Cloud FX

  18. Cloud FX

  19. meshing fractals