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  1. Prman 21 is out Reyes is dead.

    the whole pint of physical correct shading system is, you don't have hack/write shaders anymore -->setup real world attribudes and done --> artist friendly..... of course is less fun then so digg into shading models and writing own stuff....
  2. meshing fractals

  3. meshing fractals

    slicing through geometrie and mirror and merge them on the edges:
  4. meshing fractals

    testing animation parameters.... looks like growing (which are fractals too)... some issues with position corrections and need work out correct Velocity / motionblur
  5. meshing fractals

    going deep....
  6. meshing fractals

    more chaotic fractals..... tuned in the random values stronger this will be last one of this series.... i am going to the next level and meshing more into Z axises...
  7. meshing fractals

  8. meshing fractals

  9. meshing fractals

    mantra spline rendering, really fast rendering....
  10. meshing fractals

  11. meshing fractals

  12. meshing fractals

  13. meshing fractals

  14. PC build for 3000€

    the renderers have get updates for the 1080... this could take a while and how good it is, we will see.... GTX 980ti are cheap and works well renderers....
  15. PC build for 3000€

    I7 give better performance in application because they running with 4GHz etc.... multicore Xeon 2-3 GHz are 20-40% slower with application slower but with a lots cores, Xeon rocking for heavy multicore task like rendering etc...... btw. i my expericence boosting sims with CL has low impact.
  16. PC build for 3000€

    older XEON ehh? great idea..... this changes the game a bit.... i may over thing my next workstation investment....
  17. PC build for 3000€

    xeon for 3000 euro workstation ?! forget it.... I7 quad or octa core is 4 times faster then xeon with some cores. xeon are expensive but they can run 24hours/7gays for years with getting warm. if u want the extreme CPU render workstation dual Xeon with 44 cores is the fastet (7000 and more just for processors) if i wanna render in octane or redshift, get a decent i7 and GTX1080.....
  18. meshing fractals

    i did test in mantra, keyshot and modo. they all can handle to render billions polygon'e as instances. mantra take a long time in pre-render-processing but it handles it well they downside it mantra itself. rendering physical based takes a long time. Modo alos takes long pre-render-passes before it renders, but modo uses point clouds (like vray) with renders fastest, but less physical (which is still good).keyshot handles it best, fastest realtime preview and physical correct but rendertime are slower then modo/vray, but still much much faster then mantra. i need get to get a new machine with a decent graphics card and try redshift or octane. i am testing to render 3d fractals as points and splines directly in mantra. much faster rendering and less pre-render-processing but also different look and no physical renderings or GI stuff etc... mantra spline rendering:
  19. meshing fractals

  20. meshing fractals

    file size ? depends.... couple of megabytes... thats all render instances --> they don't take any diskspace or memory. thats why i start with a simple meshed shape and copy / translate it hundered/tousend times across a 3d space. the renderer generate the polygons on the fly. (this are 10 billions rendered polygon and actually polygon in viewport) sometimes, i mesh out complex model with serval millions polygon's and scatter instances around the scene. in this case the instance geometry take couple GBytes of diskspace. i doing the reversed way, start simple and going extreme with instances. if you use the mandlebulb method, you get hundred billions of polygons and you have to extract /simplifyy data to be able handle it on normal computers. that why software like mandlebulber does not generate 3d data, they calculate pixels which looks like a 3d render. with math tricks it calculates normal and zbuffer, but no polygon's or camera data etc... in the mandlbulb movies the camera zooms endless, from km units to meter units to nano-meter units and so on.... impossible to handle this scale in opengl 3d package. I am planning to simulate zooms with scaling instance geo, based on keyframe and camera movements.
  21. meshing fractals

    simple... polyline --> add noise, cpoied it multiple times with offset in pivots and rotation. copy the result multiple times, with random offset in transation, from result creatre a mesh with wireframe node, create primitive ot of it, copy the primitve multiple times with some random offset, repeat, repeat repeat..... the rendering was done in keyshot. fastest cpu tracer s far....
  22. meshing fractals

    10 billions poly's
  23. meshing fractals