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  1. in my days.... schools was only useful for making connections.....
  2. face meshing

  3. face meshing

  4. Cloud FX

  5. Cloud FX

  6. meshing fractals

  7. Prman 21 is out Reyes is dead.

    the whole pint of physical correct shading system is, you don't have hack/write shaders anymore -->setup real world attribudes and done --> artist friendly..... of course is less fun then so digg into shading models and writing own stuff....
  8. meshing fractals

  9. meshing fractals

    slicing through geometrie and mirror and merge them on the edges:
  10. meshing fractals

    testing animation parameters.... looks like growing (which are fractals too)... some issues with position corrections and need work out correct Velocity / motionblur
  11. meshing fractals

    going deep....
  12. meshing fractals

    more chaotic fractals..... tuned in the random values stronger this will be last one of this series.... i am going to the next level and meshing more into Z axises...
  13. meshing fractals

  14. meshing fractals

  15. meshing fractals

    mantra spline rendering, really fast rendering....
  16. meshing fractals

  17. meshing fractals

  18. meshing fractals

  19. meshing fractals