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  1. you can't compare anrold to a only-gpu renderer.. also arnoldGPU is under no obligation to compete with it.

    arnoldCPU is easy-to-use heavy-duty production renderer. arnoldGPU goal is to have 100% features and flexibility of arnoldCPU.  (similar what pixar with renderman does)
    redshift/octane be always faster. but arnold GPU takes no compromise in flexibility and quailty. not blackbox shader for volumes etc..

    but otherwise arnoldGPU is making huge steps forwards! SSS and hair is gettign superfast, still volumes is really slow. 

  2. aces is a fancy way to compress dark areas more so have more color range bright areas to able to display on your screen. if the new apple display for example your got lot better color range then ACES.

    ACES = a way to squeeze color values as much as possible from a linear to a rec19 space (colorspace of computer displays).

  3. On 2021-03-15 at 12:39 PM, anicg said:

    I read in SideFX docs: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/io/ocio.html

    "Renders from Mantra are in linear space."

    So no ACES in the rendered EXRs?

    like all render engines. all renderer calculates in linear space. there should never baked ACES-colorspace in exr lfiles. exr should always linear for maximum color range control.
    you should learn about the linear workflow concept

  4. you have copy/instance of polygon object, setp stepscale to a value (0.1,1, 10) depending on your scene scale. and assign arnold volume shader. 

    need be a "closed surface".

    or better, use the water with regular and set "transmission depth" this give correct "waterdepth feel".