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  1. i stick with out of the box workstation, i wasted too much time in past with crashes, fixing hardware etc...

    i have a lenovo workstation, i got a 65% discount. hard to beat. lenovo has also the first pro threatripper workstations. you can buy used dell or HP workstation on amazon or ebay. it has every-running xeon's, you can get good machine for 800$+ then all you need is upgrade the ram and get modern GPU card.  

  2. oh no you ask the wrong question, there is a lot hate here around out-of-box workstation.
    if you want a good workstation for good price. lenovo currently have 40-65% off promotion on workstations.

    ok, now lets see now many post will appear here to talk you out of it, because you have build by yourself, because its the only way.

  3. best way is mess it out as tiny tubes, if you specular hights is important for you. but its atr 12 times more data and memory.  you need a renderer with great splines primitves/shaders, Arnold and Renderman are the best bt far.

  4. RenderMan is like most modern render engine. with path tracing you getting very good results but RenderMan is the most flexible render engine. if wanna speed your render 3 times or 10 times, you can dig into a rabbit hole. so have completely understood the rendering at the beginning, only if you optimize hell of it, you will learn/need different techniques (bi directional path tracing, manifold etc...) but this makes rendering like 4-5 times faster then Arnold/karma.

    thats a good start :


    for optimizing etc... Pixar Renderman sites have some good tutorials.

    and there are dozen of sites, which teach physicals based shading etc... it applies to all modern render engine




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  5. testing new Arnold 6.0.3 GPU renderer update on particles


    Recent HtoA 5.2.1 made it possible to actually use Arnold6 GPU in Houdini, i tool it on a test ride with particles. (5 million particles). 

    the setup is quite simple, pure diffuse shading only AA samples. I've chosen a darker frame to test the sample quality. 

    CPU 2 minutes on 6 core Xeon :


    GPU 1 minute (Nvidia Quadro RTX5000),  same sample count the CPU render above but more little more noise.




    GPU 1:30 minute, increased the sample to get a noise free render.



    the Arnold GPU render it getting slowly faster the Arnold CPU in some cases, there is still long road ahead to for the GPU renderer speed to catch up with competition.

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  6. external renderers does not support packed bgeo. otherwise, if you render on a renderfarm, it would take 1 additional Houdini licence per machine. (loading a bgeo file format will draw one licence).

    you need to use fast instance points and on the points, create a sting attr, which points to an alembic or an ass file.