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  1. Using point deform

  2. Using point deform

    Here's a thread with a similar approach, simulating lowres geometry and then deform highres geometry with it: And here's your file with the point deform capture from qlib. V_test_01_yader.hiplc
  3. vellum: simulate with proxies

    Here's an easier method, which avoids a costly for each loop: If you have QLib installed, it has a really handy point deform capture sop which let's you define an attribute to partition your incoming geo, (this should be part of the regular point deform sop) so the capture weights and points are generated accordingly. Just use a regular point deform afterwards and set it to deform only.
  4. vellum: simulate with proxies

    What exactly is the error, when you use compile block?
  5. vellum: simulate with proxies

    I meant a sop solver, not in your dop network Nevertheless, here's one way to do it (slow but stable), merging the points with a sop solver, copying lowres and highres on those points and then using a foreach to go through each single geo to point deform. Pretty sure, there's a more elegant and faster way to do it but it works. softbodies_proxy_yader02.hiplc
  6. vellum: simulate with proxies

    You can generate rest geometry with a sop solver, by accumulating your emission points and copying your lowres spheres onto those points. By the way, are those spheres placeholders or your real geo?
  7. - Grid set to Rows - Random Selection of Points - Group Expand to fill up "holes" between random selection of points (avoids triangles) - Offset group in Z Direction See attached scenefile: SciFy_Grid_Yader_02.hiplc
  8. Vector Field HDA bundle

    Downloaded, installed and tried it out. Great helpers - thanks! The only one I couldn't output something useable was the point feature hda. Could you provide an example file for that? Thanks in advance!
  9. Trace in Vop

    How does your texture and surface look like?
  10. Vellum fill into shape ?

    Attached is the 17.5 version of the example above Protruded_Vellum_Shape_02_H175.hiplc
  11. Vellum fill into shape ?

    Jupp, that's the reason. I'm using H18 nodes. Let me see if I can make a 17.5 version (The basic workflow should be the same)
  12. Vellum fill into shape ?

    Here's an example file illustrating the above: Protruded_Vellum_Shape_02.hiplc
  13. Vellum fill into shape ?

    One way to achieve this with Vellum could be to animate rest blend geometry from flat to protruded and reference that into the Vellum Rest Blend DOP.
  14. Align card with vector

    And here's another example, utilizing existing sop nodes instead of custom VEX Disable the Channel SOP for tweaking, as recalculating the delay effect takes its computational toll... Feather_Mystique_01.hiplc
  15. Here's a scenefile to illustrate what toadstorm mentioned. A couple of ways to vary packed geo for the Copy to Points SOP, all of them basically create a random integer attribute with values between 0 and 2. Vary_Copies.hiplc