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  1. SSS-/Mantra Shader questions

    Hello guys, I have some question about the SSS shader.They are some things confusing me, for example: 1.where are all the epidermal and sub dermal layers? 2.How can i adjust the SSS intensity depending on the model scale? Lets say my model is a sphere which is 10 units wide, so i need to enter a value of 10 in the SSS intensity to make the light go all the way through it? I have watched through the "SSS Shader in H11" topic and obviously, it is possible to achieve good results with mantra, however the houdini help on this subject doesn't give enough information.
  2. Hello, I have created 5 channels in chop network.I am trying to create an attribute and I'm using the function chop("../chopnet1/OUT/chan1") to return all 5 channels, but it seem not to be possible to return all 5 of them, only 1 at a time. Is there a way to bypass this problem and get all 5 channels? I am attaching the example file channel_export.hip
  3. I would like to know how to display the vector between 2 moving objects like you can see in the file attached. If you look up in the Geometry spreadsheet, there is a value for Nx. Is it possible to represent the value by a normal? vector.hip
  4. display movement vector

    Thanks,It works without trail sop, by only connecting visualize to the Normal output.
  5. Making Origami in Houdini part 1

    Спасибо! Надеюсь для houdini столько же уроков запишешь, как для XSI
  6. Wipeout Racing Vehicle

    Good job!
  7. most bizarre client note

    Is it possible to have a look at this field of clouds? because it could be everything-the shape the colour, how realistic they are etc
  8. Windows users beware

    3dcoat is available on linux too
  9. Here is a tutorial on how to achieve this in 3ds max. http://www.itsartmag.com/features/rigging-waves-in-3ds-max/ I think using cloth simulation or chops in houdini is to exagerated
  10. Hey, thanks very much, your code works PS: Happy new year!
  11. What if...

    could you make a simple example how to create this ?
  12. Pixar's Renderman in houdini

  13. Hey guys, anyone knows how to fix this?
  14. Hey guys, what firewall would you recommend using with houdini? I had comodo installed, but it doesn't work so well with mantra, even when I adding mantra as trusted software.
  15. Houdini 13 Released!

    agree, would be nice to see some improvement on pyro
  16. Houdini 13 Sneak Peek #3

    now H13 is available for download!
  17. H13 Splash Screen Contest Winners

    that would be very cool indeed.
  18. SSS-/Mantra Shader questions

    Thanks for sharing.Could you please explain how do you know that Attenuation Density is radius ^-1 ?
  19. SSS-/Mantra Shader questions

    Hello Dany, thanks a lot for your reply, i would love to have a look at a hip file, it certainly would help.
  20. rigging oddity

    thanks for sharing this.
  21. A different houdini

    Thank you for the info, Xu Yamin
  22. A different houdini

    Hey, Thanks for sharing this! What arduino model did you use-is this Arduino Uno? Is the stc12c5410 microcontroller faster than the default one?
  23. A different houdini

    Thats pretty cool, any hints on how you have linked houdini and the robot ?
  24. Check mesh for holes

    Hello! Is it possible in houdini to check a model for holes or open edges ?