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  1. Hi guys, I am trying to reduce the polycount of the animated Houdini test geometry Crag.I tried to call each piece of Crag inside a for each loop and poly reduce it on a static frame using timeshift and later use poly deform to get the animation on my lowres model,but Timeshift is not working.I have attached the hip file here. At a glance character seems to have optimized but,the flow is not working as intended.IF we change the frame from 109 to any other we can see that the paint is not sticking to the points because order is changing. Also if there is any other way to obtain lowres animated geometry from such characters or assets,kindly let me know. test_timeshift_inside_loop.hipnc
  2. get dop hitpath data in vex

    @markingleukc ,thanks alot dude you saved my day.
  3. get dop hitpath data in vex

    Hey Guys very Old topic still digging it....I am facing same issue.I have multiple static objects inside my dop and I want to control the behaviour of my particles after collision with each object differently,so far only option I can find is hitpath attribute which gives me collision data for each object,but I am not able to use it.Don`t know where I am going wrong...below is a small expression that I am trying to use to just change the color of my particles whic\le colling\ding with different objects which gives me error.... if(@hitpath == op:/obj/geo1/popnet:0) @Cd = {0,1,0}; else @Cd = {1,0,0}; I am getting error that says unexpected ":" expecting ")",I really am stuck
  4. I already tried doing that but it didnot work for me,my volume disappeared.To some extent I managed it by converting the rest position into a vdb vector attribute and using it as position for turbulent noise inside a volume vop to create the noise pattern.But, it didn`t give me the exact result as the Position attribute inside the volumevop would give. Please check the attachment. BloodyNoise_02.hip
  5. Transfer velocity from a volume to another

    you can simply extract the velocity from one volume using blast node and merge it with other.And there are various ways to create velocity from scratch.You might want to elaborate your question bit more.
  6. Here is the test file if you go through the timeslider you can see the noise changing due to change in the point position.I want it to animate only when I switch on the animated checkbox in the Noise tab or while using a custom noise with animated offset. BloodyNoise.hip
  7. Hi, I am trying to use an animated geometry as emission source for pyro sim.The problem is when I check on the "use noise" option in the fluid source the noise is animatedting based on the animation of geometry, as the point positions are changing,where as I want it to remain static.Is there any way to use the rest position with this or any other option? Thanks
  8. Hi, I need help caputring the information of light on a surface as luminance values,without baking it as maps. Thanks
  9. Rendering Maya ASS file in houdini

    Hi Erik, Thanks,that was the problem.Houdini is rendering the shaders now but I am caught up with another one.Houdini is not rendering the aLsurface shader from Maya where as its rendering the aistandard.And the files we received from lighting uses aLsurface shaders.I tried to recreate same using aistandard but parameters are different and few not available in aistandard.Do you have any idea about that?
  10. Hi, I am trying to render Maya ASS file with textures in Houdini using Arnold procedural and instance nodes.I am getting the geometry but textures are not coming.
  11. Help for gouping primitives

    Nevermind I got it using group with expressions option thanks
  12. Help for gouping primitives

    Hi, In the attached image I want to group or separate the thin faces with bigger ones.Is there anyway to find the size (width precisely) of the .faces through group node? Thanks
  13. Houdini crashing

    thats a grt news marty..thanks !!
  14. Houdini crashing

    Hi Misterbil, well thanks for the response.But,by far I havn`t had any Geforce issues wirth my geforce card regarding handling heavy simulations.This is the first time It crashed well I fixed this problem by removing last frames from my shot as the only workaround I could find till now .Between, as long as comparison between Geforce and QuadroFX/ Firepro cards goes my experience by far has been grt with Geforce(for both maya and Houdini).I suppose the overall system compatibility matters than only the GPU for system stability.At my office we have more than 50 Firepro W7000 and alot of quadros but still they face unstability issues in windows,though they are better in linux. I moslty use windows-8 with my Geforce card for houdini and It never crashed while handling the processes that actually require GPU support like handling heavy volume in viewport.At office I face problem with same with Firepro cards. By the way which GPU are you using??
  15. Houdini crashing

    Hi, I am trying to import tracked camera and single cylinder object (for position info) from Maya as Alembic.Now,Iam facing weird crashing issues like -- when I am creating flipbook preview while it reaches end frames(none in particular but around last 50 frames) Houdini crashes . -- But,not everytime when its not crashed the cylinder I imported from Maya disappears during end frames of flipbook and doesn`t matter what I do its not visible. -- If I save the file and reopen still not visible. -- if I restart houdini and reopen file object is visible again. -- But,again while taking another preview houdini crashes again or object disappears. solutions I tried: A) to import new camera with same attributes and animation baked instead of importing whole track info but doesn`t wrk. to import FBX camera C) Tried in both linux and windows same problem. D) tried updating driver. My graphic card is Nvidia Geforce 780 GTX with driver updated to 344.11 and I am using windows 8.1 and for linux Ubuntu 14. Crash log generated: all crash logs differ so I am posting two of them FIrst: Crash report from frodo; Houdini FX Version 13.0.376 [windows-x86_64-cl17] Traceback from Fri Sep 26 20:50:26 2014 Caught signal 11 +0xf9887ce6 [RE_BBoxData::getMemoryUsage] +0xf9887c35 [RE_BBoxData::getMemoryUsage] +0xf988a955 [RE_ElementArray::completeElementBuffer] +0xf9889581 [RE_ElementArray::endPrims] +0xf7814f38 [GR_PolySurfaceGL3::buildConnectivity] +0xf780bc36 [GR_PolySurface::update] +0xf77d100b [GR_PolySurfaceGL3::isConvexed] +0xf77bcf38 [GR_Primitive::updatePrim] +0xffdc9f95 [GUI_GeoRender::updatePrimitives] +0xffdc91bc [GUI_GeoRender::update] +0xffda6e6d [GUI_DetailLook::updateForRender] +0xfd665f38 [DM_VPortAgent3D::setupGeometry] +0xfd65e09b [DM_VPortAgent3D::renderViewport] +0xfd662470 [DM_VPortAgent3D::doRender] +0xfd64bb5e [DM_Viewport::doRender] +0xfddc6ee3 [uI_Feel::renderMe] +0xfddc7246 [uI_Feel::doRenderKids] +0xfddc70bc [uI_Feel::doRender] +0xfddc6ee3 [uI_Feel::renderMe] +0xfddc7246 [uI_Feel::doRenderKids] +0xfddc70bc [uI_Feel::doRender] +0xfde87758 [uI_Viewport::reRender] +0xfde8ba73 [uI_Window::renderChildViews] +0xfde8bca2 [uI_Window::doRedraw] +0xfde31e16 [uI_Queue::doWindowRedraws] +0xfde75df5 [uI_Timer::handleEvent] +0xfde13efb [uI_Manager::handleEvent] +0xfde3101f [uI_Queue::processNextEvent] +0xfde2faaf [uI_Queue::drain] +0xfde2fb68 [uI_Queue::eventLoop] +0xfe04b841 [AP_Interface::getWindowGeometry] +0xfe04beff [myWinMain] +0x7b96201c +0x148816ad [baseThreadInitThunk] +0x170734a5 [RtlUserThreadStart] second: Crash report from frodo; Houdini FX Version 13.0.376 [windows-x86_64-cl17] Traceback from Wed Sep 24 19:32:04 2014 Caught signal 11 +0x166f2890 +0x166f27e1 +0x16760f10 +0x1675faaf +0x1675fb68 +0x1697b841 +0x1697beff +0x884d201c +0x2c8316ad +0x2eb034a5 I am stuck because of this issue.Any suggestion would be helpful. Thanks UPDATE: If I switch off the background sequence Its not crashing and everything is fine